Jinder Mahal Holding The Title Until September?

Source: givemesport.com

After Mahal had won the title, many people were wondering if he is going to lose it right away on Smackdown Live or even at the Money In The Bank pay per view. There were reports that he could be losing it right away, but that ended up not to be true as there was a celebration on SD live this week. Randy Orton has invoked his rematch clause, and we will see these two go at it one more time at MITB? Will Jinder lose the belt then?

There are a couple of reasons why he could and why he is not going to. The biggest reasons for him possibly losing the title is the fact that he is still not a big name in the world of the WWE. The match at Summerslam with him holding the belt wouldn’t be as big as it would be if the belt was on Randy Orton. Styles vs. The Viper would be a good match to headline the show.

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On the other hand, WWE wants to expand in India, and they have an upcoming tour there in a couple of weeks so Jinder being the champion is probably what the way to go. They have given him the belt for that reason, so the company likely won’t take the title off of him before that tour ends.

If we had to make our pick, September would be the earliest time for this guy to lose the championship. As far as who is going to be the one to take down The Maharaja, it is probably going to be Corbin, Styles or maybe even returning John Cena.