Is Finn Balor Next Paul Heyman’s Guy?


There is no doubt that Paul Heyman is one of the greatest, if not the greatest manager of all time in the WWE. His ability to make every single fight sound important and big is an incredible skill. When he speaks for Brock Lesnar, everybody is listening, everybody is paying attention to what he has to say. At the end of the day, you feel more hyped about the match that he is promoting when his segment on Monday Night Raw is over.

Over the years, he has had some people that he was managing. Some were successful, some were not. He can be a great addition to someone who’s promos are not that good, but there are those who can’t really use his help, like Cesaro for example. Ryback was the perfect man for him, but company’s booking was horrible, and the pairing wasn’t successful. This simply couldn’t work well.


He had his biggest success with Brock Lesnar. When you have a beast like Brock Lesnar and a talker like Heyman, you have the winning combo. But, Lesnar is getting up there in age and Heyman might be looking for a new guy. Could Balor be his new main man?

He does have the look that WWE needs, and he is somebody that the company is very high on. Right now, it seems that he would need to turn heel in order for that to happen. He is a good performer, but nobody would really believe him as a dominant heel. Why would Heyman turn on Lesnar for Balor? If you look at it, this truly doesn’t make any sense. There is no doubt that Paul will make a turn sooner or later, but Balor probably won’t be the one working with him after Brock.