Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Formally Announces Bing Translation

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has finally rolled out its most awaited tweet translation feature in joint venture with Bing. The company has been toiling with Bing translator for quite a long time (since July 2013) and finally succeeded to develop the new feature, which can translate a particular tweet in several languages.

The feature is designed in such a way that it would translate the tweets in user’s native languages. The feature was recommenced on TweetDeck previously this month and now the feature has been made available for iOS, Android and users. It means users having smartphones can easily download the app free of cost and tweet in their regional languages too.

The new feature has been introduced just a day after Twitter officially commenced its new review feature of missed tweets. The feature highlights the tweets that one might have overlooked while being absent from the social networking service.

What Tweet Translation Features?

The new attribute has been stimulated for all the desktop platform and iOS and Android devices. Tweets that are not in users’ local languages will be displayed with a globe at the upper right hand corner of the tweet. As the user clicks or taps on the globe it activates the translator, which would provide an option to display the tweets in more than 40 different languages.

Further if the user wants to change the target language or to disable the tweet translation, it can be done through the account settings on the Twitter website on the device. Bing translations are not that perfect but they can be decent enough to get an idea, what does the tweet actually mean.

Twitter has already mentioned a note on its support page, regarding the feature, wherein it has mentioned that the result would differ and generally are below par of the correctness as provided by professional translators. For the same reason the original tweet is always exhibited above the translation.