Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) in Talks to Purchase Streaming App Periscope

Sources indicate that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is planning on purchasing the live streaming app Periscope, which many of you who are private beta users are comparing to Meerkat. Though talks are just in the initial stages, it is noteworthy to mention that both Periscope and Meerkat are working in a parallel fashion towards similar goals.

The uptake of the app Meerkat has proven nothing but the fact that the Twitter user is in great anticipation of the idea and thrill of live streaming. Periscope is a great app that allows one to stream a video live, and let other people watch it. While one particular source indicates that the purchase of Periscope could amount to up to $100M, another source indicates that this amount will amount only up to one fourth of this amount.

Periscope streaming app

Though the general principles of Periscope are very similar to Meerkat, one could say that the design is unique in its own way, and more “polished” than former. To those who are familiar to Snapchat, this app may resemble very similar, except that Snapchat is a quite informal.

Twitter strongly feels that it should now acquire an app like this on it space so that it can be enjoyed by regular tweeters, as well as for users who usually do no “tweet” regularly or even log on to its service. The app Periscope can be compared, in more than one way to Apple’s FaceTime. It is nothing but video chat that has been around for ages, only sugar coated and lubricated that has made the process more popular. On a social networking site like Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook, for that matter, it makes it just another “sharing option”. In that case, who wouldn’t love to share a great live experience with family and friends!

Both Meerkat and Periscope face similar challenges – the difficulty of streaming live. This however is inevitable and is a problem that is faced majorly by all live-streaming products. Nevertheless, the time for Twitter to launch an experience like this couldn’t get any better. Technology only gets better with high bandwidth, better mobile network services and mobile phones itself. These days the mobile devices with cameras are great and this makes way for capturing great imagery.