Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Pushes Publishers And Celebrities To Stop Using Meerkat


It’s been a while since Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) decided not to continue with the independent video streaming service provider Meerkat. As soon as the company acquired Periscope, a live video streaming application developer, it decided to try everything possible to demote Meerkat. As per the report, in a series of such events, the company started pushing publishers and celebrities who have their accounts on Twitter not to use Meerkat’s services.

What’s Ahead:

Twitter has started contacting all the celebrities, prominent personalities and publishers not to use Meerkat as it is dying fast and is of no use. The company suggests them to use Periscope rather than Meerkat for a better and hassle-free experience. The social media giant seems desperate to convince all the media companies and other well-known personalities. It has clearly stated that if they won’t start using Periscope, then it can think of limiting their access to Amplify.

Amplify is an alternative to the traditional TV and facilitates media companies and desired brands to come together for the objective of promotion and the enhanced market reach. The entire procedure takes place through promoted tweets that are based on numerous video clips that Twitter feature. The media companies can enhance their revenues and number of clients by opting for Amplify service. If Twitter cuts off their access to this facility, then all the media companies may have to face a lot of problems and adverse conditions.

The situation has become complicated in the last few months as Meerkat has been trying to capture customers through all the possible means. It is taking the help of Vine, an application owned by Twitter to tap the prominent celebrities and publishers. It’s not a battle of market share anymore, but ego clash between two companies that want to grab the entire live video streaming market on social media.