Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Receives 1 Million Pre-orders For The Apple Watch

Apple Watch

According to a report published by Slice Intelligence, Shopping Data Firm, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has received 1 million orders on the first day of pre-booking of its new gadget. There are only a few companies blessed with such skills and expertise that every product of theirs create a new history, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) tops the list of such companies. Apple has proved all the critics wrong against all the odds.

Insights On The Matter:

Slice Intelligence is one of the most sought after firms in U.S. that tracks the consumer spending in the country through its e-commerce email receipts. The company took into consideration e-commerce email receipts of 9080 online shoppers and reached a conclusion on Friday that Apple had received close to one million orders for its smart watch on the opening day of accepting orders.

While giving insight knowledge of these orders, the company stated that two-third orders out of the entire lot were for the least expensive Sport line Watch that starts at $349. One third of the orders were for the premier range stainless-steel watch that starts at $549. The most expensive watch collection i.e. The Gold Series that starts at $10,000 didn’t attract any customer on the opening day of pre-orders.

As per the reports, the average price of the watches booked on the first day was $504. Customers showed a great response towards the smart watches of the company and ordered 1.3 watches per order. Out of all the orders, 40% were placed for the space gray colored aluminum case while the stainless steel was second with 34% orders. Silver aluminum attracted 23% orders while ‘space black’ steed managed to attract only 3% buyers.

There are a few more days to go before Apple Watch hits the market; hence, it will be great to see if Apple creates another record for number of pre-orders received for any single product or not.