Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s Answers Will Help Advertisers Gauge Promoted App Downloads

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is launching Answers, which will enable advertisers to measure mobile app downloads attributed to Twitter against organic downloads. The micro-blogging site will provide this service for free. This new feature operates inside of Twitter’s Crashlytics Kit.

Twitter regards its mobile app promotion tool for inspiring advertisers to request for app install analytics. The company was receiving considerable request for a free, basic solution, which could allow advertisers to measure app installs on Twitter.

Answers, which provides real-time optimized app analytics, is a part of Twitter’s mobile development tools called Fabric. Advertisers can start using this new tool by integrating Fabric into their Android or iOS app. In addition, advertisers could also benefit from a range of more sophisticated, paid measurement tools with the Crashlytics Kit, which allows tracking conversions across multiple channels.

Twitter offers an great opportunity to developers to overcome the complexity associated with installing and managing an exhaustive range of Software Development Kits (SDKs). Fabric combines all seven of its SDKs under one tool, organizing them into the Crashlytics Kit, the Twitter Kit, and the MoPub Kit.

Fabric allows developers to manage their entire toolset without leaving the coding environment.
With Fabric, developers can install any Kit they need and could add more kits later, whenever required.
Twitter’s Crashlytics Kit offers the highest information fidelity for both iOS and Android is compatible with most versions of OS X.

The Kit allows developers to capture all the information like defensive reporting, stack unwinding, mach exceptions and other, what they need in real-time. It uses run-time feature detection to be compatible with version 4 and beyond.

Twitter’s MoPub Kit offers leading ad server for mobile developers, helping them monetize with direct advertisers to thousands of advertisers on the MoPub Marketplace. It enables access to the prominent advertising sources to help maximize revenue.