Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s CEO Dick Costolo Admits Failure

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) CEO, Dick Costolo, has already admitted failure with regards to making the microblogging site safer for users. However, Costolo said something could still be done to correct the situation so that they stop losing users because of stalking and widespread harassment. Twitter has been plagued with abuse targeting users, especially female users and some have had to abandon the service because they can’t put up with the insults they get.

A bad name for Twitter

In an internal communication with Twitter employees, the CEO expressed his frustration with the escalating abuse on the platform. He noted that abuse and harassment on the site were putting many users off, making it hard to grow users faster as they desire. Costolo promised stronger action to crack down on the practices that have given Twitter a bad name among Internet users.

Cruel comments through fake account

The CEO cited that core users are exiting Twitter because the company is either too slow to address the issue they face or unable to eliminate strolls. The latest issues of abuse on Twitter came up during an internal forum whereby the company looked into the story of Lindy West, who shared her frustration on Twitter with the Guardian and This American Life. West talked about how people created a Twitter account for her late father and went on to make harsh comments about her through that phony account.

Costolo not only owned up to failure to protect Twitter users from strolls, but also pledged to address the problem before things get out of hand.

Types of harassment

In the recent past, Twitter announced a partnership with an advocacy group that investigates abuse against women to help it identify offending content for a quick response. However, harassments against women on the platform have only continued, and they range from stalking, sexual abuse, threats of violence and many others.

Suggestions for addressing the problem of strolls on Twitter include introduction of better reporting and blocking tools. The company has also been urged to improve its responsiveness to reports of abuse.