Twitter Might Have Accidently Revealed The IPO Date, November 15th

Twitter may issue its IPO on November 15th. The date might have been unintentionally revealed by the micro-blogging company while altering the SEC filing for the IPO purpose. Generally when a company completes an S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) then some lines are left unfilled till the time when the company is ready to go public.

However, that line was filled in the Twitter’s S-1 filing, which could probably be the date of IPO issue of the company.

Revised S-1 filing revealed the probable IPO date

Private company PrivCo found the mistake while reviewing the S-1 filing of Twitter where the social networking company wrote February 15th as the date when employees who are not executives can sell their stock. According to PrivCo, generally, the companies set this date 90 days after the IPO is issued. PrivCo mentioned in its blogpost that the dates tell that Twitter is looking forward to issue its shares on November 15th.

“PrivCo sources — confirmed by the US JOBS ACT regulatory timetable for IPO dates following the first non-confidential public S-1 release — indicate that as of mid-July, they intended to go public 3 months prior to February 15,” read the blogpost.

Other points revealed in the revised filing

Twitter earlier stated that it will issue its Initial Public offering and has filed S-1 filing with the Security and Exchange commission. The S-1 filing had many undisclosed facts like Twitter will focus more on mobile and also that the company is not running into profits.

Twitter, in the filing, further revealed the potential risks that could turn up and affect the company’s plan of raising more funds through IPO. The risks mentioned were drop down in the growth of its user base, increased spam on the site, not able to draw profits from international markets and so on.

According to PrivCo, Twitter has given further details about international user in the revision of its S-1 filings. Ad revenue per timeline view in the United States is $2.17, and in the rest of the world it is 30 cents. Twitter said that it is expecting this gap to be filled as there will be continuing differences between ad money earned in foreign countries, especially developing countries.

Twitter further increased usage of words ‘mobile’ and ‘real-time’. In a graph PrivCo demonstrated that use of word ‘mobile’ has been increased 91 times, since the July’s undisclosed filing, to 131 times in the latest revision.