Twitter to let go of ‘Moments’ in the app, adds in ‘Explore’ section

Twitter has made changes to its app. In this Mashable interview, it was confirmed. The company is trying out some updates on their app. Noticeably, you can see that the Moments tab had been replaced with Explore.

The social network wishes to put further more cosmetic improvements to this design. As of the moment, it only has the Moments tab on the website. The Explore tab appears only on iOS and Android. It features trending matters as well as the search function.

The Content Discovery still is currently under observation. Twitter had reported.

The Explore tab is yet a temporary enhancement. It is available to only a few countries outside the United States. Although, it has been a tradition for Twitter to make changes on their app as some kind of a test to see what works best. There still is no news as to whether Explore will remain forever or not.

Even before Moments came; Twitter already had Discover section both on its app and on the website. This section highlights famous tweets and popular accounts that you can follow. The company then decided to roll all these features into one with Explore.

Apparently, Explore was designed to feature even other types of content. You can stream live videos in this tab.

The benefit of this change is easier access to user content. With Twitter’s future hanging by the thread, the executives want to point out their mission. It is centered on broadcasting live events and commentaries. This had been reported in the New York Times.

The original Moments tab had been put in motion about a year ago. Its purpose is still the same. It aims to help users find content easily. Andrew Fitzgerald is the head for Twitter’s global curation. Speaking with Mashable, he said that Moments was considered as an extension to Discovery. It had been placed to enhance the search function.

The arrival of the Explore tab stretches the scope of content that Twitter can provide its users.