Verizon assures of no interference with Google’s new Pixel devices

We brought you the news last week after Google unveiled its Pixel Phones that the company’s partner, Verizon was yet to say if they will allow Android updates to Google’s new phone as with other models that the latter sells online.

A confirmation from 9to5Google has it that Google will allow Verizon take charge of updates for models that are Verizon-bought.

This has been a major concern for buyers that are eager to get their hands on the Pixel because the issue of updates that are timely has been a challenge for Android phones which is most of the time caused by Verizon. Carriers that are responsible for updates are not always in a hurry to work with OEMs especially if they are not among popular brands like iPhone and the rest, and therefore often come late.

So it was only normal that buyers of the new phone by Google are worried about this major issue since Google always relies on Android for its phones.

But Verizon has come to allay the fears of buyers assuring them that they will not meddle in any way and that the phones by Google will get updates the same time as others.

They likened the treatment they will give to the phones’ update to the treatment they give to iPhones which is without interference; such claim had not been applying to Android phones before now. They promised to make sure the Pixel phones are updated along with Google.

Google while speaking to Ars Technica, said that the Verizon and unlocked versions of Pixel will receive an update at the same time.

Verizon had said that the security updates for the Pixel phones will be gotten directly from Google. This dismisses any fear that the phones will lag behind in updates as other Android devices from third parties do.

If what Verizon said is anything to go by, what it implies is that the only difference that will be found between Verizon Pixels and the ones that are unlocked is that the one by Verizon will come preinstalled with apps from Verizon which the user can decide to delete. Also that the bootloader will not be unlocked so that users cannot use any other versions of Android that is not custom software.

The versions that are unlocked will still be compatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon and will not with preloaded apps like the former. However, this latest move by both parties is supposed to give the Pixel phones more boost.