Types of Pantsuits for Women – Find Trending Pantsuits Styles for this Season

One of the trendiest fashion garments this spring is the women’s pantsuit. From business attire, the pantsuit has found its way into the casual style of many women and fashionistas. Paired with sporty sneakers, it has become a signature look of combining the elegance with comfortability and style. The pantsuit today comes in many different options, suitable for different body shapes. The most common and usual is the two-piece pantsuit. It consists of a blazer and pants. The blazer or the jacket, as one part of the combo, comes in different cuts, fits, and lengths. It can be short, medium long or long. It can be double -breasted or not, with or without pockets and some even have belts to accent the waist. The pants or trousers also are quite various when they come in the combination of a suit.

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The pants are always in matching fabric and color as part of the combo because that is the point of the pantsuit – unified and completed look. The pants can also vary in their length – they can be long, cropped or chinos. The leg can be skinny, normal, straight or wide. They can come with or without pockets.

According to Sumissura, the fashion market is so full of many different women’s pantsuits, and if you are following at least a bit of the fashion trends, then you now that this season you should update your wardrobe with one new and fresh pantsuit. However, whichever you choose you will definitely nail the look because wearing a pantsuit is powerful, stylish, fashionable and trendy. Here is a list of the currently trendiest women’s pantsuits options:

White pantsuit

The elegance and popularity of women’s white pantsuits are well-known. From regular outing to red carpet occasions, the white pantsuit is a very common choice for many women. White is a crisp and neutral color that is both elegant and informal. The pantsuits that come in the white present a smart and fancy look, with just the right dose of femininity and power. For formal occasions, choose a white suit with a classic cut – short jacket and long pant. It can always have additional embellishments or details like a bow or irregular buttoning. For casual occasions, choose a white pantsuit from lighter materials like cotton or linen. It goes well with sneakers or flats and you can always add some fancy fedora to complete your look.

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High-waisted pants, with a wide cropped leg and long blazer

One of the trendiest women’s paint suits this season is the combination of high-waisted pants and long blazer. The pants come with a wide leg and cropped length. They are perfect for the warm season and go with either high heels or flats. What defines them is the belt that is positioned high on the waist, giving the figure-slimming effect.  The blazer has a classic cut, it is long and worn unbuttoned. This type of pantsuit usually comes in some vibrant color such as pink, yellow, orange, etc and does not require much accessorizing.

Striped pantsuit

A striped pantsuit is a total hit during summer seasons. Stripes are the print that never goes out of style and they can come in different thicknesses and colors. For the warmer season, the linen, cotton or any other lighter material is great as a base for stripes. Here, the pants can come with a loose cut, wide leg and ankle length. The blazer looks a look like a shirt, because of the fabric, but still has the lapels, pocket, and buttons. When made of other fabrics, the striped pantsuits can come with a straight or bell leg. The trendiest choice for this summer is the combination of navy, white, red and beige. These shades are all somehow connected to the nautical style that goes wonderfully with stripes.

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Checked pantsuit

The checked print is very retro and interesting and it has made a comeback on the women’s pantsuits. It comes in different color combinations, various densities, and fabrics. The beauty of it is in the final look of the all-checked-suit that represents a vintage vibe with the new fresh line of modernity. The fashion crowd gladly pairs these types of suits with crisp white sneakers creating a balance between retro and modern. The cut of this suit in more masculine and boyish, with straight leg pants.

Slouchy pantsuit

The trend of wearing oversized clothes transferred onto the suits, too. It was particularly emphasized in the model of a slouchy pantsuit. The blazer comes in an oversized form, with slouchy shoulders and deep flip-over double-breasting. The pants are straight, comfy, with a medium width leg and full length. During the fashion shows in the world, the fashion crown was spotted wearing these suits in pastel tones such as pink, lilac, mint, and salmon. The footwear option still remains open to heeled sandals or fancy sneakers.

Patterned pantsuit

Another unusual, playful and unique look of the pantsuits comes in the option of patterned pantsuits. The most colorful and unimaginable patterns come together on two-piece suits and create an extraordinary look for every fashionable and trendy woman. The beauty of it comes from the coordination of the same pattern on both the jacket and pants, without mixing them with other patterns. They are eye-catching, accented, bold and fierce. The additions like subtle bows or accented labels and sidelines on the pants make these suits even more original and unique.

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The variety of women pants suits is quite big and it constantly changes. If you are looking in bringing into your wardrobe something new and different than the classic work suit, then you have plenty of options to choose from. Always keep in mind that the tailoring and cut should bring out the best of your silhouette, body figure and create an outfit which will turn heads wherever you appear. Spring is a perfect season for a new pantsuit and new statement look.