What Are the UK Spouse Visa Requirements? 6 Things To Know


We have discussed migrations and visa problems to an extent but depending on which visa you are going for and which country you are after, the situation changes and the requirements change as well. Another thing to know is that the recent geopolitical situation is changing too and that impacts the country and the decision made when it comes to people coming in.

As you are probably aware the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused a huge migration spike to a lot of countries in the EU. Because of that, the process for getting a visa from any other country than Ukraine to any country in the EU or US was a lot more difficult and longer than it was. The reason behind that is the fact that the EU wanted to accept as much as refugees as possible and aid them in normalizing their life after what happened. This caused a lot of issues for all of us searching for a work visa or a spouse visa.

Today, as you can see we are talking about a UK family visa, what are the requirements after some changes that happened near the end of 2022 and now in 2024? Here is what you need to know to make your spouse’s visa process easy and as short as possible.

1. Age


To make a valid application and be considered for a Spouse visa you and your spouse need to be 18 years old or above. This is important for the UK and other countries that don’t allow marriages below this age and if you do not fulfil this requirement you will not be considered at all. The things that tie to this are that you and your spouse must have met each other and be legally married. This is a rule that helps prevent arranged marriages that were a huge means of people outside getting into the UK and getting easier spouse visas.

2. Intention

The thing that will ease your way to a spouse visa you need to have the intent to live together permanently and you need proof of the real estate you will reside in together. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to getting a spouse visa is getting an affordable and big enough place to live.

3. Money

Money is usually a thing that stops people from applying for a spouse visa everywhere, not just UK. The law states that you need to have enough money to support yourselves, meaning you and any dependants on you, without ever applying for public funds. This is a tough one but with a good job and with some savings you can easily make this requirement.

4. Job


When it comes to work and pay, you need to know that your sponsoring partner needs to be making more than £18,600 per year. If this is somehow not an option they have to have some sort of savings that will be able to sponsor you both. Luckily there are jobs in the UK and most of them will go over this number. As we managed to find out a part-time job averaged around £13,549 while a full-time job averaged around £38,131 which is significantly above the required amount. Another thing to consider here is that this minimum required amount goes up if you are going to sponsor dependent children.

5. Accommodation

You need to have suitable accommodation for you, your spouse and children, and/or any other dependents. This is an important rule and requirement and you better believe that whoever reviews your application will check these things thoroughly.

6. The language

This should go without saying but since many people tried to get a hold of the UK Spouse visa and failed, without understanding why we need to tell you that you also need to satisfy the English language requirements that are in some cases rigorous.

Most of you know some of these things, those that you haven’t now are available and shown. We strongly suggest that you review these requirements and read up, in detail, all about them on official UK government sites and inform us as best as you can. The reason for this is the fact that although you nail all of these requirements down you may end up lacking something completely different, and you will have to wait sometime until you are legible to submit for this visa type again.

When it comes to lacking, you also need to have all of your documentation in line and here we will suggest what you need to pay extra attention to.

  1. Completed application form and application fee
  2. Valid passport
  3. Previous passports
  4. Evidence of your genuine and subsisting relationship (e.g. shared bills, photos, correspondence, messages and so on).
  5. Proof you meet the English language requirements like a CEFR exam Certificate.
  6. Two passport-sized colour photos that are set by the law requirements in the UK
  7. Proof you meet all the financial requirements like bank statements, saving statements wage slips and other.
  8. Details about any previous immigration applications, if any
  9. Details of any criminal convictions
  10. Your national insurance number, provided you have one
  11. Proof of accommodation in the UK
  12. Biometric Information

As you can see there is a lot of paperwork, and a lot of things to get in order before you can apply for the spouse visa. We made this article for the sole purpose of making sure that you receive a positive decision on your partner and spouse visa application. We believe that these little pointers and “be careful off” type of info will aid you and that your visa response will be positive. Go through these with a fine tooth comb and check everything three times before you send it to the UKVI. Wherever you make a mistake or whatever piece of info or a document you fail to provide, you may expect that your visa application will be turned down or you can further delay your equally bad visa.

We wish you all the luck and that you and your better half will soon be together in the great United Kingdom. We wish you all the best and success in your life there.