The Morphing World of Gaming


Ah, gaming. It’s one of the most popular pastimes of today. It started pretty rough as there weren’t lots of development companies to spew out games. Nowadays, you’ve got a variety of them as both established providers and indie companies make titles each year. In short, gamers have a lot to pick from.

These games are often reviewed by dedicated gaming magazines or sites as they serve as an opinionated party that could sway them in one direction or another. The world of gaming extends to many spheres which is why players get a variety of genres.

For example, the world of iGaming happens to focus on online casino games. They will come in various shapes and sizes as there are lots of different table games, live titles, and even slot games that casino fans will find on casino sites. Similar to video games there are independent and trusted online casino reviews that can persuade players into visiting a site or two.

Another example would be the split between online and offline gaming. The online portion of gaming is pretty popular nowadays and it seems to be dominating. But offline or single-player games are doing pretty well. Both worlds are morphing into something new that’s changing gaming as a whole.

Online Gaming


There seems to be a large portion of online games nowadays. Younger generations of gamers enjoy a variety of such games for several reasons. They get to hang out with their friend in real-time which is pretty swell. Titles like PUBG and Fortnite are pretty popular for this reason. Moreover, you can play some of these games on PC, consoles, and even mobile devices. Competitiveness is another reason why so many people go for online games. Some of these games are part of esports events which is why people go play them. They can compete professionally and they can earn prizes if they’re good enough.

Another trend that comes with online games is the way they look. There’s no online game available today that doesn’t come with high-quality visuals which is why they set the bar pretty high for other developers. The world of online gaming does offer fun, but it lacks other elements when it comes to entertainment. Sure it can keep games up for hours, but only if the entire squad is up for a gaming session. Sure you can play these games solo, but it’s not as fun.

Offline Gaming


The thing about offline or single-player titles is that they complete the world of gaming by covering the other elements. It also adheres to and doesn’t adhere to the standards set by online games. For example, there are co-op games where you can play with another friend, but they aren’t competitive, rather players depend on each other to complete objectives.

Furthermore, some games look amazing, but they don’t rely on high-quality visuals. They look cartoony or animated and still make for good and entertaining titles. Then you have older single-player games that might not look as good as modern games but are still great. They looked great at the time and their mechanics and other elements make them compelling video games.

The story is an element that lacks in online games. It’s either a pretty see-through plot when it comes to online titles or the plot just isn’t there. The story is vital to any offline game. Single-player games may have a simple plot like the one in the Call of Duty series, but the plot is just good enough to carry a game franchise for decades and have fans interested.

Then you have games like the Witcher 3 which is a modern game, with pretty good visuals and mechanics and a complex story. The story is told in such a vivid way that gamers will be playing this kind of game for years to come.

Other games tell a story just like a TV show does, one episode at a time. The Wolf Among Us is an example of this where you get to play a character in different episodes and the TV show or game is going to adapt to the choices you make in different decisions.

In short, the world of single-player games is just as vast as the world of online titles, and some would say richer because it offers a myriad of games to enjoy. But they aren’t as appealing as online titles to some. So what does this say about the current world of gaming?

The Message

The current world of gaming might be online which is why some are inclined to say that gaming is going to stay online. But other gamers state that single-player gaming is doing pretty well as it fills a certain void in the world of gaming.

When compared to gaming back in the day, this world has morphed into an online gaming world. Both the online and offline portions of the world of gaming will morph into the world of gaming of the future. VR or virtual reality gives you a rough insight into what gaming in the future will be like.

VR games are already giving gamers a taste of how immersive single-player titles can be. The morphing of certain online games into esports shows you that the world of gaming is changing. Maybe more online games will become e-sports as offline games become more immersive. It will morph into something new.