How Can Video Games Improve Our Lives

There are many people who claim that video games are one of the worst things to happen, and they do not wish to let their children play video games because it does nothing but harm. Sure, it is understandable if someone spends their whole day doing nothing but playing video games. Health problems are bound to happen.

However, if one plays video games moderately, there are plenty of benefits to be gained. Just how some people are set on the negative aspect of gaming, there are those who are happy about playing video games because the hobby did them plenty of good.

Creativity encouragement

Let’s start with creativity. If you play a video game that encourages you to build or develop something, you will focus on coming up with ideas that will impress other players. Besides, learning creativity in a video game could lead to potential job opportunities, like graphic design or architecture.

Take the Farming Simulator, for example. The game is quite popular, and it has an active modding community that is already preparing to make FS22 Mods for the upcoming release. And when you have dedicated people who do this, it indicates that video games encourage players’ creativity.

One could also learn from video game story-telling. If you are an aspiring writer who wishes to publish their book eventually, pay attention to some of the best-written video games. You will learn a thing or two.

Better social skills

Playing multiplayer games means interacting with other players. Sure, there are some players who have toxic behavior, but most multiplayer games have a feature to mute players you wish to ignore.

Instead, you should focus on making new relationships with like-minded players that will hopefully turn into genuine friendships. Besides, if your life leaves few opportunities to socialize with other people, video games could provide an opportunity to change that.


Problem-solving is something we learn at school. However, reading boring textbooks and listening to your teacher is not that engaging. Meanwhile, a video game that involves puzzle-solving can be a more effective teacher than any school could provide.

The most recent Tomb Raider trilogy is a great example of how a video game encourages players to think outside the box and solve various riddles that will unlock tombs for exploration.

The more time someone spends playing such video games, the more they will improve problem-solving skills.

Mental health

Despite the fact that mental health is a serious issue, not that many people are willing to talk about it. Instead, they put the issue under the rug and expect the problem to solve itself.

Well, the reality is quite different, and mental health awareness should become a more prominent topic.

Thankfully, people with mental health issues can find some solace in playing video games. Even if it is something that occupies their minds for a little while, it is nice to get away from it all and forget your woes.

Learning foreign languages

In case you are not a native English speaker, you can improve your skills playing video games. And it is not just thanks to opportunities of socializing with other players in multiplayer games.

No, if you play a game, you will need to listen to dialogues, read in-game descriptions, guides online, ask questions, look up unknown worlds to get a better understanding of some things, etc.

And just like with the point about encouraging creativity, the more video games you play, the more English language you will encounter.

Interest in various subjects

Video games could be your catalyst to find interest in various subjects. For instance, if you play an RTS game like Age of Empires or Civilization, you may become interested in history. Shooter games like Medal of Honor could also encourage you to explore what else happened in World War II.

Games like Hades may lead to finding more about Greek mythology, while Cyberpunk 2077 may spark interest in the cyberpunk genre.

There are plenty of similar examples. The more video games you try, the higher the odds of discovering a new hobby.

Potential career opportunities

Last but not least, potential career benefits. Since the video gaming industry is growing, your passion for games could translate into working in the industry. And since it is so large, there are various positions to consider.

Perhaps you wish to build custom PCs and provide happiness to other gaming enthusiasts? Or maybe you want to cover various gaming news on a blog or a YouTube channel?

Pursuing a career as a professional esports athlete or a team manager is also one of the options. League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, and DOTA 2 are a few examples of competitive video games that have a massive following and large prize pool tournaments.