The Top Picks for Online Blackjack Games

The practice of gambling and playing your favorite casino style games is hardly a modern invention, punters have been meeting in country villas, summerhouses and social clubs since the 1800s before big establishments were created to indulge their hobby. With the advent of advanced digital technology in the early 2000s, the gaming sector has moved online to accommodate players globally.

Although we now have a lot more options and ways of doing it, luck and skill-based games have been around for centuries, and we are just continuing the tradition and culture. Nowadays, online gambling is predominately games like roulette, poker, and blackjack. Combining factors of simplicity, need, and convenience together to elevate online casinos to new heights and take the crown from regular brick and mortar establishments. The result is millions of players who log in everyday to play their favorite games and win money in the process.

But where do you actually go to play, and how do you really choose the best web service to do so? In terms of blackjack, as one of the most popular games in the world, how can an average fan know what the best online casino is and who to trust with their time and money?

In this article, we will determine the top picks for online blackjack games and evaluate your best options. It matters where you gamble because you have to enjoy it and have fun while still being able to compete and use your skill and knowledge to win money. To learn more about the best sites where you can play blackjack, make sure to check out

Picking the Right Casino

Before we move on and talk about blackjack itself, we have to discuss how you should pick the best place to play it. First, there should be enough games to choose from. Nobody likes a limited amount of options and insufficient libraries of games. If a casino has a lot of choices to choose from and a lot of different varieties of familiar games, chances are it is a legitimate and trustworthy place. Speaking of trust, you will know you can trust the casino if they openly display their licenses and validations and if they offer the players more than a few ways to deposit their gambling money and withdraw their winnings. If you want the absolute best out there, pick the casino that cares about the mobile users or the one that offers a dedicated gambling mobile app.

A very important aspect of every online casino is how good it looks and how well it behaves. The interface and the home screen should be easy to navigate and clean, while the transitions between the sections and the different menu sections must be smooth. Furthermore, modern customers appreciate good quality of graphics and sound and interesting gameplay features, which is why the best online casinos offer video game experiences. Last but not least, make sure to read the online reviews by the past customers to know what to expect. Combines with the ratings you can also find, this first-hand info and experiences from the players like yourself can be and usually are the ultimate deciding factor for players.

About the Game of Blackjack

Like with most other casino games, there are numerous types of blackjack you can play. This makes picking the right variety is the crucial part of your game plan. Chances are you have one or two you are better at so if you want to play and win money, play what you know. In any other situation, the main thing to worry about is the house edge. Different variants of blackjack have different average house edge, you can check here

For example, switch has 0.17%, pontoon has 0.36%, and surrender has 0.38%. Alternatively, progressive blackjack has the house edge of 0.47%, blackjack peek is at 0.58%, while 21 duel sits at 0.62%.

In case you want to become better and explore your options regarding the new game variants you never tried before, you should start by asking the right questions. Understanding the rules is crucial and you should never really sit at a table clueless about what needs to be done. For example, ask the following questions:

How many decks are there? Does the dealer hit soft seventeens? Will there be a 5,6, or 7 card Charlie?

Is it possible to double on two cards or must you do it on the total? Can you surrender?

Is doubling after splitting possible? Is hitting the split aces allowed? How much does it pay?

Once you have the answers to these questions, and get the information on anything else surrounding the type of blackjack you want to play, you will be much better equipped and finally ready to sit at the table and play. Last bit of advice is to first play practice game without any money involved before you actually begin competing. This prevents unnecessary losing and allows you to make mistakes without being punished financially. If you have friends or family members who are also gambling enthusiasts, have a few practice rounds with them too.

Last but not least, remember that strategy cards exist and basic ones are very clear and easy to use. Despite seemingly offering limited advice and only stating what can be done when, it is enough for you to make the right move more often no matter the situation. Depending on the game of your choice you will surely be able to find exactly what you need to win more often than you lose.

Best Sites to Check

Now that you are much more informed on everything surrounding the world of online blackjack, the final tip we have for you comes in the form of the list of the best websites to visit. For the best welcome bonus around, you will want to check Ignition Casino. If you like live tables and live dealers, the best blackjack live dealers would be at Super Slots Casino. The best option for free games is Red Dog Casino, while Wild Casino has the best variety of games to choose from. Intertops Casino is known on the web for the best loyalty bonuses and Slots.Iv enjoys a reputation of offering the best mobile experience. If you want to play with low amounts of money and wager as little as possible, pick Bovada Casino since they have quite low wagering requirement.