What to Blog About in 2024: 3 Underrepresented Blog Niches


The number of websites in the world has surpassed 350 million this summer. While there is no statistics about how many of these are blogs and other publications, we can probably assume there are many – tens of millions, at least. Considering a large number of blogs, online magazines, news outlets, and similar publications, it would also be safe to assume that pretty much everything you can think of is extensively covered online. This, in turn, is not always the case. There are quite a few niches that are surprisingly underrepresented in the online world where the chances of your voice to be heard are higher than the average. Here are some of them to consider covering in the coming year.

The iGaming industry


It’s almost impossible to go online and not stumble upon a roulette and blackjack strategy guide or tips about online slots, check this example. The internet is filled with gambling-related websites – these are, in turn, almost all just a small collection of generic gambling articles intertwined with a huge list of affiliate links. The number of publications covering the iGaming industry is rather small.

iGaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry with several major hardware and software providers, listed companies, trade shows, regulations, jurisdictions, and lots of news to cover. Due to the “sinful” tag attached to it, though, there are rather few publications covering its inner workings, making it one of the most visible untapped niches today.

“Green” consumables

In a couple of years, many countries around the world will completely ban single-use plastic items ranging from cotton swabs to glasses and plates. In preparation for this major shift in policies, there are many startups working to offer a green and viable alternative. We already have companies offering banana leaf plates and paper straws – there is an entire industry growing in this area that’s not covered enough online.

From new product launches to innovative ideas, funding, and regulations, there are a host of topics to cover in this area.


Renewable energy

Switching from fossil fuels to renewable, clean energy sources is more important than ever – and renewable energy is “cheaper” than it ever was, which warrants many innovative approaches and major switches in this area. And, of course, lots of news to cover. Aside from a few news reports about how this country plans to switch to renewable and that one earmarking a major portion of its budget to reduce the reliance on coal and gas, the mainstream media doesn’t do a really good job in presenting just how dynamic and fast-growing this business may be.

There is a lot to cover here, too, from scientific breakthroughs to regulatory changes, startups, investment rounds, and various initiatives – and there will be even more to cover in the near future.