Unforgettable Season 5 Cancelled

Developed by Ed Redlich and John Bellucci, a police crime drama Unforgettable debuted in 2011 on CBS. The series, based on J. Robert Lennon’s story “The Remember” revolves around a female police detective Carrie Wells, played by Poppy Montgomery. What makes this character special, is a condition known as hyperthymesia which helps her develop detailed photographic memory. This unusual story was well-received by the audience, but, nonetheless, at first, the network decided to cancel the series after the first season.

However, only a couple of months after their announcement about the series cancellation, CBS broke the good news and confirmed that the series would be renewed for Season 2, which came out in 2013. The third season followed in 2013, but in 2014, CBS canceled Unforgettable one more time. Much to all fans’ delight, A&E decided to pick it up for Season 4, and it was aired in February 2015. A&E delivered the new 13-episode season before the end of the year.

Season 5 ended at the beginning of 2016, and it closed with a major cliffhanger, which left fans convinced that there must be a sequel. However, just like CBS, the new network also let them down and decided to make Season 5 the last one. Needless to say, the loyal fans were furious when they heard the news. Here are some of the comments they made on social networks after the announcement:

Source: www.tv.com

“We need more episodes!! You can’t leave us hanging like this after Al got shot! He has to survive and he and Carrie have to get together. We need to know what happens after…”

“Why do they need to end a season with a huge cliffhanger and then cancel the show? Is this how much they think of their viewers?”
“I sincerely hope this is NOT true!!! That would be extremely lame of A&E!!”

As you can see, people are disappointed and can’t forgive A&E for making such a decision. But, no matter how bitter they are and how desperately they want to see the series continuation, the chances of that happening are rather poor. We understand that the viewers hope that either A&E or some other network might pick up the series at some point in the future, given the fact that this is not its first cancellation, but it seems that this time they’ll have to make peace with it.