Dwayne Johnson Poorly Impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dwayne Johnson is capable of many different things, and he showcased his talent on numerous occasions, but he cannot impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger. The highest-paid actor posted a video on Instagram on Sunday in which we can see him on the set of his upcoming movie called Rampage. During the shooting, he tried to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger, but even he admitted that he was “awful.”

“Enjoy me completely butchering my best [Schwarzeneggar] impersonation while rehearsing on set of [“Rampage”],” he wrote.

All jokes aside, Dwayne Johnson also compared himself to the legendary actor and pointed out that they have many similarities. Both actors have sculptured bodies, both have been stars in blockbuster movies, and they combine humor and suspense well. Also, Arnold and The Rock have played in a variety of genres, from children’s movies to big box office moneymakers.

“When I was a kid Arnold was one of my heroes,” Johnson wrote. He also said that Schwarzenegger was with Johnson at the beginning of his acting career providing some amazing advice.

“When I first started in Hollywood, he was one of the biggest stars on the planet and was so supportive and welcoming to me, when he didn’t have to be,” he continued. “First time we had dinner he said, ‘You can take the brass ring to places it’s never been before’ in his iconic accent. 15 long hard working years later, here I am. Grateful. This one’s for you brother.”

Johnson’s movie Rampage is the adaptation of the famous 1980s arcade game in which you are destroying cities as a monster. However, the film will be different, and we are going to support good guys who are trying to stop the monsters.

Here, you can see Dwayne’s video and his truly awful impersonation.