Update On Finn Balor’s Demon Character

Source: wwe.com

A big part of the success of Finn Balor in NXT was his Demon alter ego that showed up during the pay per views. His entrances are always great, but when the Demon King shows up, it makes it even better as he gives that big fight feel to the event. It is something unique that no character in the WWE has right now and that makes it special.

We have seen him use it when he made his debut as he showed up as Demon just a week before he faced Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at the Summerslam. The second time that he used was in that match, at it was the last one to this date as he missed a lot of time because of his injury.

Source: wwe.com

Since he’s been back, he only had one big duel at the pay per view, and it was that fatal five-way showdown that was constructed in order to determine Brock Lesnar’s next challenger. Finn didn’t show up as a Demon which was weird at first, but since he wasn’t the one that was supposed to win it, it would be a waste of the Demon King. Not to worry, the Demon alter ego will show up eventually. Finn recently spoke about it and here is what he had to say.

“The Demon character is something I draw on occasion. It’s something that requires a lot of focus to tap into and really requires the right situation for me to sort of draw on that darker side of my personality. Since I’ve been back on Raw, the opportunity hasn’t really presented itself to tap into that side and I’ve had such a good time being back I haven’t wanted to change. I quite like walking out in my sweet new Balor club jacket, popping my collar and being Mr. Cool.”