What Was So Great About Edge?

Source: wwe.com

There were a lot of tag teams in the history of the WWE, but there weren’t many squads that were better than the team of Edge and Christian. They were entertaining in the early 2000s as they had so many great matches that were usually high-risk battles. The best one was probably that triple threat ladder fight at Wrestlemania XVII.

That was the duel that made this team into what they were. The star in Edge was born that day. Later on in his career, he was able to capture every single championship that existed in the WWE, proving just how great of a career he had. The company had a lot of trust in him, and it was for a good reason. Why was he so successful?

Well, his heel character just fitted him perfectly. He was able to play that cowardly heel that takes all the shortcuts possible in order to reach his goals. He was the first money in the bank winner which was great for his “Ultimate Opportunist” character.

Source: wwe.com

He reinvented himself time and time again, having great feuds with many top babyfaces. Even his run as a face later on in his career was pretty good. When you are a heel for a long time, fans start to appreciate just how good of a job you have done for all those years as a bad guy. They want to cheer you, and you become a natural babyface.

That is what happened with Edge, and he made the most of the situation on Smackdown. It was a shame that he had to retire earlier than he wanted. He couldn’t go out on his own terms, but that really doesn’t take away anything from his hall of fame career. Truly one of the best to ever do it.