Updated Card For Wrestlemania 33 Three Weeks Before The Show

Source; wwe.com

We are coming off the first episodes of Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw in the official build for the Wrestlemania 33. The Mania season is in full swing, and there are already a couple of matches that are confirmed to happen at the biggest show of the year.

UNDERTAKER vs. ROMAN REIGNS – The dead man showed up on Monday Night Raw and had the confrontation with Roman Reigns. It’s expected that these two will work in a program together and will have a match at Wrestlemania.

Source; dailywrestlingnews.com

GOLDBERG vs. LESNAR – Universal Title MatchLesnar and Goldberg had this duel set up before Bill won the title. Now, with Goldberg as the Universal champion, this match will be for the title.

WYATT vs. ORTON – WWE Title MatchBray Wyatt won the title at the Elimination Chamber just a couple of weeks ago. The plans were for him to battle Orton, and those plans are now in full swing.

OWENS vs. JERICHO – US Title MatchOwens is not out of the Universal title picture, but he is going to have a shot at Chris Jericho at the grandest stage of them all.

BAYLEY vs. BANKS vs. CHARLOTTE – Women’s Title Match – This is a triple-threat match now for the Raw Women‘s Title. Many people expected this to be a fatal four-way with Nia Jax also in the mix. That still might happen, but as of right now, only three girls are scheduled for this battle.

Source; bleacherreport.net

THE CLUB vs. ENZO AND CASS or CESARO AND SHEAMUSEnzo and Cass will fight the team of Sheamus and Cesaro for the chance at the titles on the most important evening in the WWE.

ALEXA BLISS vs. THE WOMEN OF SMACKDOWN LIVE ROSTER – Nobody has more info about this match right now, but we know that this is going to be a multi-women battle.