No Second Chance: Should We Expect Season 2 on Netflix Soon?

Founded in 1997, Netflix began as a DVD rental website only, but then in 2013 the company expanded into television and film production as well, and today it is thought to be the top streaming service. Netflix enables you to watch some of the most popular movies and TV shows created by well-known names in the industry and broadcast on many big networks and channels.

We should also note that this website does not only stream other companies movies and shows, but they also have their own content known as Netflix Originals (e.g. Stranger Things, The OA, The Ranch). As for the currently streaming Netflix Originals, one of the most popular shows is without a doubt No Second Chance.

No Second Chance, which stars Alexandra Lamy, Pascal Elbé and Lionel Abelanski in main roles, is a gripping thriller drama, particularly for those who enjoy this genre. It revolves around a doctor who is trying to find her missing baby daughter and gets caught up in various dangerous situations along the way, dealing with criminals and handling the burden of dark secrets. The first season of the series began airing in December 2016. Since the Season 1 is getting closer to the end, you must be wondering whether the series will be renewed for Season 2 and when we can expect it on Netflix.

Unfortunately, the company has not made any official announcements about No Second Chance sequel yet, but here’s what our guesses are. If we take into consideration the release pattern of other Netflix Originals shows seasons, we can conclude that there is normally around eleven months long gap between two parts, which means we should expect No Second Chance next season before November this year. Of course, this is just a guess, as we should first wait and see whether Season 1 will be well-received in the United States or not. We promise to keep you updated.