Kevin Owens Speaks On What He’s Been Told When He Signed With WWE


Kevin Owens is one of the most liked WWE superstars today. Not because of his character as he is a heel, but because of the way that he portrays and executes his role. He is doing a fantastic job making the best out of every situation that he’s been put and that’s why the company trusted him with the Universal title.

But, when he started in the organization developmental, it seems that not everyone had faith in him that they have today. In a recent interview on the Steve Austin Show, Owens was explaining what he’s been told when he got the call from the WWE that changed the course of his career.


The company has been known for pushing superstars that look larger than life itself. If you take a close look at the guys that were on the top of the ladder in this organization, you can clearly see that WWE was the land of the giants and guys that were into bodybuilding. All the biggest stars of the WWE were all muscle and not always a lot of in-ring skills.

Well, that is basically what Owens was told when he began his career in the NXT. He was informed by the Triple H’s right man that Vince McMahon was not really into guys like him and that, as far as Raw and Smackdown are concerned, he shouldn’t get his hopes up. When it came to NXT, this guy was told that he is going to get a fair shot just like everybody else. Kevin responded that he is up to the challenge and that he can ask for nothing more. Well, Owens took on the challenge, he succeeded, and now he is one of the top performers in the company.