Use Cell Phone Parental Monitoring App to Teach Kids Positive Use of Their Smartphone

The influence of cell phones is almost everywhere in today’s world. Mobile devices are no longer limited to be a tool to speak to other people. In fact, the introduction of smartphones has turned it to be something which can be used for miscellaneous purposes, including Internet surfing, online shopping, socializing, etc.

Mobile phones now play the role of a virtual library, many educational apps, and content available on the internet have turned smartphone to be a necessity. Therefore, it doesn’t come as any surprise when we see our kids highly interested in having a personal smartphone.

Unlike other child-rearing concerns, you cannot comprehend how your parents managed the excessive attraction of the cell phone when you were young because that was not the era of smartphones. Regardless of their age, children nowadays consider themselves capable of handling a smartphone. Which is not true. To teach them the positive use of phone, parents are suggested to make use of parental monitoring apps such as FamilyTime that help parents in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Contact Mirroring
  2. SMS Monitoring
  3. Call Log Monitoring
  4. Contact Watchlisting
  5. Location Tracking
  6. Location History Tracking
  7. Geo-fencing Places
  8. Web-history Monitoring
  9. Viewing Bookmarks
  10. Applying Internet Filters
  11. Monitoring Installed Apps
  12. App usage frequency Tracking
  13. Blacklisting Apps
  14. Auto Screen Locks
  15. Locking Phone Remotely
  16. SOS Alerts
  17. PickMeUp Alerts
  18. Speed Limit Alerts.

With the use of cell phone parental monitoring app, here are the basic rules which every parent should adopt for their teens to model a positive phone behavior in teenagers.

Cell phone and School


Make sure that your teen starts the day while preventing smartphone use. They have to get ready for school in time, which is why it is recommended to make the policy of no cell phone in the morning. Let your kids know that you expect them to follow the rules and regulations formulated by their school. You don’t want your teen to be distracted because of during a lecture. Therefore, it is essential for parents to teach their kids the appropriate manners.

Cell phone and Inappropriate Content

Cell phone with the internet is a source of diversified knowledge, including good and bad. Your teen can get access to numerous sites. Not all of the content available on the internet is suitable for your child to explore. Restrict your kids from using addicting and inapt apps. Parents can also take help from an app blocker to prevent their kids from wasting time on unsuitable apps.

Cellphone and Driving


Using a cell phone while driving is a serious problem, one which can lead to severe consequences. Have a clear conversation with your teen about the extreme results, it causes. Make them understand by giving them real-life examples of accidents which have happened due to the negligence of drivers. Parents need to teach their kids the damaging effects of over speeding and texting while driving.

Cell phone and Family

Dinner is probably the only time when all your family members can sit together and have friendly communication without any hurry of finishing their meals which is why parents need to make sure that no one on the dinner table is checking his/her phone constantly. Engage your teens in polite chitchat and restrict texting during the quality family time.

Cell phone and Other Activities


Most teenagers get so addicted to their phones that they start spending all their spare time while being glued to their phone’s screen. They start neglecting other physical activities and stop socializing with other people. Parents need to make sure that their kids set aside their cell phone for a while and actively take part in healthy activities such as swimming, soccer, etc.