Users of Firefox, Google Chrome, others can now access Update Catalog

A new version of the Update Catalog has been provided by Microsoft so that users can have access to the website without necessarily making use of the Internet Explorer which was the case before. Henceforth, virtually all browsers including Opera, Google Chrome, Edge and Mozilla Firefox will be able to load Update Catalog and also have access to its updates.

The company made the announcement in August adding that it was also taking steps to remove ActiveX and Internet Explorer previously required before Update Catalog can be accessed so that users that make use of other browsers can access it too.

what we notice at the moment is that things are working well with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which are what 50 percent of users make use of to browse, and therefore is such a welcome development. This will give some kind of a relief to people that have been experiencing challenges with Windows 10 updates.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 had been with issues of failed installation and updates in some PCs.
For the users to be able to manually install these updates that are cumulative will help to put the installation issue to rest which is one thing that allowing the Update Catalog to be accessible from any browser will help out with. With it, users will be able to download updates that are cumulative and then manually install them should any issue arise.

When in search of a specific update, look no further than Update Catalog by Microsoft. Go ahead and type in the name of the update you are searching for (note that KB names are faster to locate) and click on the link that is provided for the download which you can save anywhere you want on your computer.