4 Advantages of Using the Thesaurus When Writing


Oftentimes, writing can be a challenging task, even for professionals who have been doing it for many years. Not only is it necessary to create a story that will be appealing to the readers, but one also has to find the right words to express the feelings and attitudes of the main characters. This is why the first tip you will get is to read more and build up your vocabulary.

If you are just entering the world of writing or simply have to do an essay as an assignment, you might ‘hit a wall’ as experts would call it. It can be quite difficult to create something great, which is why there are numerous tools you can use that will make this entire process a bit easier. Naturally, they cannot do wonders if you don’t already have a great idea, but they can help you write the best piece yet.


As you know, nowadays, there are numerous tools you can use. There are some that check your grammar, others punctuation, and there are those that deal with spelling errors, and so on. But, a lot of people would agree that thesaurus is the one they are the fondest of. Why? Well, simply because it enables them to find the perfect word they have been looking for and avoid the mistake of repeating the same ones over and over again.

In the following article, we will introduce you to some of the main features of this tool, discuss some of its advantages, and tell you when you should use it.

Sound formal

When writing a formal statement, document, or even an email, it can be challenging to find the correct words. This is especially the case if you don’t write these very often. The same rule applies when composing university essays or some scientific paper. There are certain expectations that you must meet if you want to get a good grade or have your paper approved and praised by others.

This is the very example of when a thesaurus can come quite in handy. If some phrases sound too casual to you, and therefore, aren’t the right choice, simply use this tool, type in the expression, and get the perfect synonym for it.

Avoid repetition

Word repetition is every writer’s worst enemy. When creating a piece such as a story, novel, or any kind of fiction for that matter, you have to ensure that it is readable. What do we mean by this? Well, obviously, you need to design a page-turner plot, but you also have to be careful about presenting it in the best way possible.

There is a thing all readers hate, and a thing that will make them leave the story unfinished. They absolutely hate it when the author repeats the same word over and over again. It isn’t only annoying, but it also tells them that the author didn’t put in a lot of effort. Making this mistake is a sure thing that will repel the readers.

Thesaurus is a great tool to use to prevent this from happening. As you know, one thing can be said and expressed in so many ways, and this tool provides you with multiple options. Basically, you will be presented with the list, and you will have the opportunity to choose a synonym you like the best and the one that fits perfectly.

Expand your vocabulary


Not being able to express their thoughts in a perfect way is one of the many challenges people meet, and overcoming this one takes a lot of time. We have already said that the most common advice you will get is to read as much as you can because this is the best way to adopt new phrases and expressions. Still, since this can be quite a lengthy process, a thesaurus is a tool that can speed things up a bit.

We are not saying that you should completely rely on it, but think of it as an assistant. If you are looking for a synonym, visit here, type in the word you want to investigate, and explore your options. However, be careful. We understand the need to use a synonym, but you have to make sure that it is the right one. Even if the word appears on the list, you still have to confirm that it perfectly fits your sentence or paragraph.

There are always differences between two expressions, and usually, there are rules when they should be used. Make sure to find and read the definition of a new term before implementing it into your story. Never, but never use a term unless you are completely certain of its meaning because one of your readers will notice the mistake, and the chances are that they won’t be interested in returning to your work.

Overcome the block

It doesn’t matter how experienced and good with words you are because sometimes it can be quite difficult to think of the right one, even if you have used it a thousand times before. Memory is a tricky thing, and it is easy to get annoyed when you find yourself in a situation in this, simply because you can lose your flow of thought.

This is another reason why people are so fond of the thesaurus. It allows them to get the term they are looking for in just a few clicks and continue with their writing. The worst thing an author can do is stop the process because it can be very difficult to return to it at the exact point you left.



To sum up, these are the most significant benefits of using a thesaurus when writing. Basically, it is an endless database that will enable you to improve your writing greatly. Whether you use it or not is completely up to you. Some writers don’t really like it because they feel it blocks their creativity, while those who aren’t very skilled love it because it opens a whole new world of possibilities for them.