Vampire Knight Season 3 Release Date

A popular manga series Vampire Knight might still get its next installment and fulfill the fans’ expectations. For all those who didn’t like the series’ ending will soon find out more about the release date of its next chapter.

The storyline of the series mostly revolves around Yuuki whose first memory dates back from the time when a vampire attacked her, but another vampire saved her life. The guy who rescued her life is Kaname Kuran, who is a Pureblood vampire. And 10 year later Yuuki becomes the Guardian of vampires In order to protect Kaname.

Guardians protect the secret of vampires from people, and she is getting help from her friend Zero Kiryu. Her parents were murdered by a vampire called Shizuka Hiou. The question that could be posed is whether the vampires could be stopped in their cravings for blood and killing. And of course, what will come out of love between Yuuki and Kaname.

The series has reached high ratings and the second season is considered to be the best among all, which means reaching the highest numbers from the beginning of the show. As a result, the sequel that supposed to come should break all the records and return even better figures. The second season finishes with Yuki leaving the academy but the night class chooses to go after Yuki.

As for the following season, there will be some novelties included and producers have discovered the way to intrigue the audience even more in the next chapter of the series. One thing is for certain, and that is that the Season 3 will outperform the first two seasons, by both its plot and ratings. A new couple is also expected to show up in the sequel, so, apparently, the fun and emotions are guaranteed.

Vampire Knight Season 3 Release Date

The release of Season 3 is still under the question mark, but hopefully, studio will not stop one of its most popular shows.