12 TV couples which would be a good match


You know how when you watch a series or a movie you just look at the actors and think about how they would actually make an excellent couple. So, let’s see the list of people from TV who would have made a good match if things were planned differently.

1. Rick and Daryl – The Walking Dead

The scene in which these two exchange their looks and soon after engage into a long and strong hug is absolutely priceless and heart melting.


2. Sheldon and Penny – The Big Bang Theory

Although these two are completely different personalities, some believe that would look good together. Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons both have a powerful character and capability to radiate and make everyone laugh.


3. Lily and Barney – How I Met Your Mother

The fans can for sure remember the episode in which Lily breaks up with Marshall because she thought that there were some things she was still supposed to do without him and that her life should have gone on a different track. Perhaps, all she needed at that time was someone like Barney. The two might have had a strong chemistry together.


4. Joey and Phoebe – Friends

Although upon watching this TV Show there were many of us who believed that these two would end up together, that did not happen after all.


5. Mycroft and Lestrade – Sherlock

Mycroft Holmes and Greg Lestrade are certainly two very different characters. There weren’t many scenes in which these two were together, but it was enough for the imagination of the audience to ignite.


6. Jaime and Brienne – Game of Thrones

Well, many fans of Game of Thrones still hope that these two would end up together.


7. Barry and Caitlin – The Flash

These two have much in common, and many are strongly opinionated that they would make a better match then Barry and Iris.


8. Meredith and Alex – Grey’s Anatomy

They are already friends who are both very good looking and have interesting characters. So, why not?


9. Ryan and Summer – The O.C.

Summer actually did have a thing for Ryan. This has led most of the fans to picture these two together.


10. Sookie and Sam – True Blood

They shared a couple of kissing scenes, but there were no emotions there. If she had abandoned her ugly habit of having a thing for bad boys, she might as well have recognized something attractive in Sam.


11. Cuddy and Wilson – House

Although Cuddy was in love with Wilson, these two were completely different to be set as a couple. But, they would look good together, though.


12. Peggy and Angie – Agent Carter

Much chemistry was seen between these two, but no such luck!