Vikings Season 4 – Are You Ready For The Season Finale? Historical Facts, How to Watch Online?

The drama series Vikings that airs on History Channel will wrap up as there is only one episode left in Season 4. If you want to watch the season finale of this popular show online, we will show you where you can view the final episode entitled “The Reckoning” later on in this article.

Based on some previous episodes of Vikings, we believe that in the last episode you will see a lot of blood and a lot of action. There are spoilers all over the internet, and we are just going to mention that in “The Reckoning” the fans will see more than one shocking and unexpected death. This will be a great closure of the series, and the fans will be left with dropped jaws waiting for Season 5 which is probably going to air next year. If you want to see an in-depth analysis of Season 4, you can click on this video:

If you haven’t seen Episode 19 of Season 4, you may not want to read the rest of the article because of the spoilers, but instead of that scroll down to the bottom to find out how and where to watch the Season 4 finale.

The Episode 19 of Vikings Season 4 was called “On The Eve” which ended with the Great Heathen Army, which is the biggest Viking invasion army ever gathered. They are setting a trap for the men led by Aethelwulf, the son of the King Ecbert of Wessex. It is quite clear what happens in the season finale – the two armies will go at it, and many will be killed, which is going to be an important battle for Ecbert’s kingdom.

There is no need for spoilers because there is an actual battle between the Great Heathen Army and the army of King Ecbert and if we take a look at the history books, we might see the outcome of this battle. Just for the record, name Ecbert has sometimes spelled Egbert or even Ecgberht at that time. The real king Ecbert lived from 769 to 839 when he passed away at the age of 70. The next king was his son Aethelwulf, but Ecbert is important for the Brits because he was the first known king, whose rule stretched over entire Britain after he started to reign in 802.

Ecbert named the island “Angleland” which later became England, and he did so in order to honor the Angle tribe, despite the fact he was a Saxon. Ecbert was obviously a good ruler and a skillful king since he managed to unite combative tribes of Britain – the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes.

Historically speaking, Ivar the Boneless led the Great Army and invaded Britain in 865, which is 26 years after Ecberth’s death. When that happened, the crown belonged to Aethelred, son of Aethelwulf. Aethelred was succeeded by his brother Alfred five years later, and he was the one who defeated the Great Army in 878. He became known as Alfred the Great, while many Vikings converted to Christianity.

In the series, this is probably not going to happen because of the time span, but we will see something historically accurate in the season finale. Still, a lot of things will be changed, and a lot of surprises are expected.

Vikings Season 4 finale airs on the History Channel on Wednesday, February 1 at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time, 8 p.m. Central and 7 p.m. Mountain. The best way to watch the season finale is to sign up for the seven-day free trial of Sling TV. The credit card is required, but you can cancel the subscription before these seven days expire and thus avoid any charges.

When you sign up, you also need to download the Sling software. Sling TV is available for the Apple iOS, the Android OS, and Amazon Fire OS. You can check out a complete list of compatible devices on

If you don’t want to go through all this trouble, you can stream the episode for free starting from February 2 on the History Channel website or the History Channel app on mobile.