Vikings Season 5 Release Date

Having in mind all four seasons of extremely popular series Vikings, one could say that the producers have done an excellent job in winning the hearts of the fans, which has led to great numbers in ratings as a result. What is so captivating in this series is its ability to surprise when least expected, as well as to show the intense relationship between the characters, which has to intrigue and make everyone glued to the screens.

For this reason, fans are now eager to know when they could expect the sequel to their favorite show which is why they have been searching for any clue or leak of information on the Internet. Now, all eyes are on Ivar, whose development as a character will most likely be in the forefront in the next series’ chapter. The question that could be posed is whether he will be able to control his thirst, now that he has killed his brother, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, by “accident.”

Another aspect that could be observed thoroughly is the relationship between Ivar and Bjorn Ironside. As Hirst stated:

“Viking society is all about winning and being famous, and it’s very aggressive and ambitious, so you kind of know they’re going to be in conflict with each other.” He also added that: “To be a son of Ragnar [is] the biggest calling card in the Viking world. Almost immediately after they succeed in revenging their father, they pave the way to, essentially, world war.”

Vikings Season 5 Release Date

When it comes to the release date of the series, it is most likely that it will be brought to light sometime in November. Stay tuned for any possible changes and updates.