WWE Champions The Company Never Believed In


Even though the company should listen to the fans and try to please them, sometimes, that is not the case always. There are those that fans want to be successful while WWE is just not feeling the character of that wrestler. Political agenda is present in the WWE, and the cream sometimes doesn’t rise to the top. Well, at least it doesn’t always.

There are some that managed to become champions just due to fan support, which should be the most important thing that determines who is on the top and who is not. It just seems that company doesn’t care about that, but the fact of the matter is that they should. Here are the champions that WWE never supported.

CM Punk – Nobody in the company wanted Punk to succeed. He has a big mouth and is sometimes hard to deal with backstage. The thing about him is that he is a beautiful promo and knows how to move in the ring. CM Punk was one of the most popular wrestlers in the 2010s, and the company had no choice but to give him the title after his “pipebomb promo.” Still, they had no option but to give him the title as he was the most over wrestler in the company.


Daniel Bryan – This one is a no-brainer. The company viewed him as a solid mid-carder, but the fans supported him so hard that they had to change their Wrestlemania 30 main event plans. When you hear something like that, you know that he had all the support in the world from the fans. Even today, after he retired, this guy is one of the most over people in the organization.


Jeff Hardy – Jeff was exciting because of his moves and his charisma, but the company never trusted him with the belt because of his various problems and violations. Even though he was over with the crowd and had all the tools to be a great champion, it seemed that the higher-ups didn’t want to give him the title as they thought that him being the champion is going to hurt the belt.


KaneThe Big Red Monster is one of the best characters that the company had ever come up with, but was never known as a champion. He wasn’t given nearly enough belts that he should have taken in his early days. He held the big gold belt two times, once in the early stage if his career and then later in 2010. Overall, just not enough for a character like Kane.