Is Vin Diesel Afraid Of Dwayne Johnson?

It is clear for some time now that there are some problems in the Fast And Furious family. It all started with The Rock calling out some of his co-stars in the franchise. At first it wasn’t clear about who he was talking about, but later on, it became obvious that he is displeased with Vin Diesel and his behavior.

During the feud between these two superstars, we heard Diesel telling us that he will speak about everything that happened. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, and we didn’t get the statement from this guy about the feud with Dwayne Johnson, or at least we didn’t get any in detail explanation.

Is it possible that Vin Diesel is afraid of Dwayne Johnson?

Many would ask, why someone could even suggest something like this? Well, it is simple if you take a look at the whole situation. To better explain this we will talk about Johnson’s feud with Tyrese Gibson that happened recently, but it now seems to be over.

When Tyrese started his “war” with The Rock, he threw punches over his social media accounts, and Dwayne responded. On the other hand, all that time, Diesel didn’t do much, plus he stepped in and backed up DJ, and when Vin was “arguing” with Johnson, he remained silent and didn’t want to respond to the big man.

As we already said, both Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel are superstars, and The Rock was introduced to the franchise as a try to increase the popularity and expanding the story even further, making it better and bigger draw for the fans. The studio certainly managed to do so with this move, but did that jeopardize the position that Diesel had as the greatest star of the series?

Let’s look it this way. Tyrese openly attacked Dwayne and Vin didn’t. Is it reasonable to think that he might be afraid of Johnson as he is one of the most popular actors in the world, if not the most popular. Diesel knows how important is Hobbs for the franchise and that with him in the team they managed to break all the previous records they had. Because of this, it is possible for this Diesel not wanting to attack The Rock as he might retaliate and the whole franchise would be in danger.