Vin Diesel on the topic of Brian O’Conner returning to Fast 8

Since the Fast and Furious franchise is in trend lately, especially with the announcement of the eight installment of this iconic action-packed movie, some news resurfaced, and they are yet again regarding the possibility of Brian O’Conner returning to the next film. This time we have Vin Diesel’s comment on that topic.

The character that was played by late Paul Walker has such a huge fanbase, and it’s only logical to assume that they are making a huge pressure on cast and franchise to return their bellowed Brian back. What even more sparked these, let’s call them fan wishes, is the ability to resurrect the character thanks to modern technology which was used in Fast 7. As you know, Paul tragically died in a car accident right before they managed to finish the Fast 7 after which studio continued to shoot the movie ending with Paul’s brother Cody. On top of that CGI was used to edit his face so it could look even more like Paul.

During an interview with Vin Diesel, we found out that he almost didn’t finish the Fast 7 movie, and the reason for that is that he thinks that using technology to replace his best friend is nothing other than weird. “The debate is pixels versus people” Vin said very sentimentally while doing an interview with He continued by saying “I already gave power to pixels versus people, just by completing Fast 7, right? We shot a third of it without the person, with only the pixels. And once you do that, where does it end?”.

“How bad is it going to get? Would a corporation rather have me dead? At what point would I be more valuable dead? This is scary s**t!. At the time, I fought it and fought it and fought it, and there was a (Universal Studios) executive who said to me, “Someday in the future, in the Fast universe, the audience is going to want to see Brian O’Connor come back.” He said that, based on the evidence, it could be done because we finished Fast 7. And that made me feel weird” stated Diesel. The interviewers also wanted to know what finally broke him down and pushed him to complete the Fast 7 to which he responded “If I had walked off Furious 7, or decided not to come back, you would have never known it was pixels versus people. It would have just been written, “Vin thinks he’s too good for Furious 7 and doesn’t want to finish it,” and no one would have really known,” and we agree with him because that is the obvious answer to similar events all around.

On a different occasion, Vin Diesel was more than optimistic in his statement that the Fast 8 will make it to the next year’s Oscar Awards and that the Fast 8 director Gary Gray (who also directed Straight Outta Compton) will finally receive the recognition he deserves. He stated “As bizarre as that might be, he is definitely going to (be recognized). As crazy as that might sound, he should have really been acknowledged for Straight Outta Compton. I think he went into making this movie with a little bit of a chip (on his shoulder), going “Oh, really? Now I’m going to take the biggest saga in the world, and I’m about to throw Oscars at you.” Wait until you see what he does!”.

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