Was Vince McMahon Bleeding Planned For Smackdown Live?


When you are in a segment with a McMahon, you know that you are a big deal. When that McMahon is the chairman and the CEO of the company, Vince McMahon, you know that the WWE believes in you, thinks highly of you and has big plans for you in the near and distant future. Kevin Owens is a golden boy right now as he is put in a great situation on Smackdown Live. His job is going to be to make the most out of the opportunity that he has been given.

The segment with Vince was very well done as Owens was made to look cocky, dominant. McMahon booked him to go up against Shane McMahon in Hell in a Cell, which is something that everybody expected. Owens agreed to it if he was not going to get fired for beating Shane (McMahon) senseless. Then, Owens attacked the chairman and busted him open.


We have seen Vince bleeding as soon as Owens hit him, which posed the questions about whether or not the blood was planned here or was that something that WWE had no intentions of doing in as a part of the show. According to Dave Meltzer, the segment went exactly as planned. They wanted to make the CEO bleed, and they have successfully done the job.

One headbutt is not guaranteed to get somebody busted open, which makes some of the former employees of the WWE and people that know how they get things done pretty certain that Vince did cut himself before the segment began and then used nu-skin to cover it up. Once somebody hits that spot, the blood is guaranteed to come out. It seems that Vince pulled one of his old tricks from his bag and made the show even better with a little blood, just to make everything feel more real and more important.