John Cena Will Miss Next Week’s ‘RAW’ and Here’s Why!


A fight at ‘No Mercy’ has been scheduled for the next Sunday, and it is a clash between John Cena and Roman Reigns. This will be their first singles duel. All wrestling fans know that these two fellows are fierce rivals and even though they didn’t have a chance to settle their differences in the ring they did throw punches through words. They both won against Jason Jordan on Raw, but Cena also beat Braun Strowman this week.

‘The Monster Among Men’ is already training for his match against the mighty Brock Lesnar where he will try to clinch the WWE Universal Title at WWE No Mercy. Considering that Cena is fighting Reigns, they can’t afford to lose. Cena’s previous clash ended when Strowman put Cena on the steel steps which forced a disqualification. Due to injuries, he got in that match Cena will apparently miss the go-home edition of Monday Night Raw.

According to some reports, Cena has to ‘fulfill some other commitments’ next week, and he will definitely miss Raw. The steel steps spot was used with Strowman so as to explain why Cena will be absent next week however it also got Braun an additional boost to trash talk Cena one week before WWE No Mercy. On the other hand, we still don’t know WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns.

Trash talking galore is what John Cena did to sell his match with Roman Reigns, and he did it splendidly. WWE apparently has some concerns about Cena ‘overshadowing’ Reigns during that clash of words, but Roman will have his shot at speaking his mind next week while Cena’s out. Considering how the conversation has been going so far we should expect a platter of insults coming Cena’s way.


Some even doubted whether Cena will completely abandon WWE due to his developing movie career. We could hear stories that WWE No Mercy is his last gig. On the other hand, many fans focused on Cena’s clash with Roman. It is believed that if Cena beats Reigns next Sunday, they will continue with their rivalry until Roman goes over because WWE officials want to ‘improve dynamics’ with the fans just before WrestleMania 34. Surely John played his part when it comes to trash talk, and we expect something similar from Reigns. In the end, the only thing left to see is what the outcome of their clash will be when they finally face one another in the ring.