Vital Facts about TransUnion Unveiled

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If a person has smart cards or loans, then their habit of debt-handling will be tracked, collected as well as put into records through three leading credit bureaus. These reports help the credit score that allows lenders in determining whether the person will be approved for the loan and offer them favorable rates of interest. The three chief bureaus function as, for-profit independent agencies and have one’s reports. Located in Chicago, TransUnion ranks third amid the top. Bureau within the US. Akin to its key competitors, Experian and Equifax, TransUnion markets both reports as well as products that are credit-related to American lenders and consumers directly. Should one desire to keep track of the statement made regarding them, there are innumerable ways to trace their credit free of cost. In fact, one report for free is accessible from every bureau every year by visiting the site as well as asking their report from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. For those who are hesitant to enter their information online can make a call and provide their details. 

Free Snapshot 

They can stagger their requests to possess access to its reports for free every four months in order to track their profile. When they check their report, this will never lower their scores. As their credit score related to TransUnion or other types of bureaus may impact their loan approvals as well as the rates of interest for mortgages, loans, and student loans, it is crucial to track the same for false accounts, errors and identity theft signs. offers a free print of the report. 

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Ways in Which TransUnion Can Determine One’s Credit Score 

Every bureau has its respective formula to arrive at the score, and one has a different rating from another. One’s score on TransUnion can range from somewhere 300-850, and with the most significant number being their objective for the most excellent record available. Satisfactory scores generally are 700 and more. One’s TransUnion score is calculated based on a couple of factors- their payment history will make about 35% of their rating, the sum they owe lenders includes another 30%, their credit history length and when they began asking for money accounts includes 15% and finally the new score will include 10% of their rating. One should ideally keep their debts associated with money cards low and pay the debt on time. They should not close their earlier account as if they are responsible; this will positively reflect on their score. Closing a few accounts is likely to affect their credit usage percentage negatively. TransUnion makes the payment history a vital aspect of one’s score as it throws light on how they have managed their finances, which also includes late payments as per the website of the company. Their document history will be taken into consideration as it demonstrates the duration they have been managing their accounts, any new charges, and when their last payment had made as per the website. 

Facts that are Little Known- TransUnion is credited widely with designing foremost automated transfer system that is the tape-to-disc type which has eventually replaced the manual data-entries. It has also made the CRONUS that is the primary information storage as well as retrieval data processing technique online for creditors all over the United States. It was founded in 1968 and had its headquarters in Chicago. 

A Glance at the Products Provided by TransUnion 

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Along with both, TransUnion provides other beneficial services and products for customers to reap the benefits of to aid them to take right decisions with more certainty. 

TransUnion SmartMove

This service has been introduced by TransUnion, which makes it simple for landlords and renters. Typically a landlord indeed will perform background checks on prospective renters which include their eviction records, income estimate, criminal background, and reports. This service makes it a straightforward and straightforward method and offers superior precision with extensive national coverage. The best part, TransUnion needs no fees for setup and no minimum amount for purchase. The landlord, in fact, will send across the applicant a mail request, and the applicants will then authorize the screening via offering their personal data. The TransUnion SmartMove, in fact, will offer the needed information to the landlord for an up-to-date leasing suggestion. In case one is a prospective renter, through TransUnion SmartMove will possess no adverse effect on their record, offer them with a secure and fast screening procedure and also protect all their information which also includes their social security code. 

Recognition and Prevention of Fraud 

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Fraud and identity theft have become commonplace and maybe an immensely expensive affair. TransUnion has discovered a means of combating the danger of identity theft and fraud through fraud models, which allows for accurate and earlier discovery. TransUnion will right away alert the consumer should there be any fraudulent transactions or inconsistent behaviors. Fraud Prevention Detection is the forum that allows lenders to report and also share vital information and further help to monitor and safeguard consumers as well as the credit files. 

Verification and Confirmation of Identity 

To take more steps to stop fraud, TransUnion came up with identity verification elements to fight against identity fraud as well as also assess the interaction risks done with a mobile or online.  Along with the password, one may also require to verify their email id or more information to move further. TransUnion is continually looking for different means to offer consumers relaxation with regards to safeguarding the credit files along with upholding their standing and clean document history. Besides they also provide subscription credit checking services at a nominal monthly fee and along with this service, one will get their TransUnion score as well as report. It can prove helpful if one has obtained their free TransUnion report at PFA and desire to recheck the same before the expiry of 12 months. 

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