Reasons to Wait for Cyber Monday to Upgrade your PC

PC makers have been touting their new models and discounts leading up to Cyber Monday for weeks now. But if you’re like most people, you’ve been waiting until the last minute to make your purchase. Online discounts have become popular since you can shop from the comfort of your chair.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year. It’s usually the first day of the week after Thanksgiving, and it marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

According to some estimates, Americans will spend more than $5.4 billion on Cyber Monday this year. That’s a lot of money, and a lot of people spend it online.

Cyber Monday is actually two days long. On Black Friday (the Friday before Cyber Monday), retailers offer deep discounts on their products in an effort to draw in customers early. These discounts range from 10% to 60%, and sometimes even more.

On Cyber Monday, these deals get even deeper – sometimes by as much as 90%. So, if you’ve been eyeing that new gaming laptop or speakers but haven’t been sure if you should pull the trigger, now might be a good time to take the plunge.

Cyber Monday is a popular shopping day

This day is popular for computer upgrades because of the deep discounts offered. Here are three reasons to upgrade your PC on this day:

  1. You’ll save money. The best deals on PCs tend to be on this day.
  2. You’ll get a better deal on a new PC. Many retailers offer deeply discounted new PCs on Cyber Monday, often as much as 50% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
  3. You can upgrade your computer now and use the savings to buy other Christmas gifts for family and friends. Buying a new computer during the holiday season is a great way to show your appreciation for their computing needs!

What are the benefits of upgrading your PC?

There are a number of benefits to upgrading your PC, including improved performance, security enhancements, and a reduction in hardware costs. You can look for good deals at EBest.

Improved Performance: Upgrading your PC can result in increased performance and stability. New hardware can help speed up your computer, while updated software can fix common issues and improve overall performance.

Security Enhancements: Upgrading your computer’s security features can protect you from malware and other online threats. New antivirus software, firewall software, and other security enhancements can help keep you safe online.

Reduced Hardware Costs: Upgrading your PC can result in lower hardware costs down the road. Replacing or repairing old hardware can be expensive, while newer hardware is typically more reliable and lasts longer.

The best time to upgrade your PC

– Before a new OS launches: As new operating systems (OSes) come out, they require updated hardware in order to run properly.

– During a sale: Deals on PCs tend to happen regularly throughout the year, and it’s always a good time to upgrade! Many manufacturers offer big discounts on their desktop and laptop models during certain times of the year like on Cyber Monday. If you’re interested in upgrading your PC but don’t know when the next great deal will be, sign up for manufacturer newsletters or follow them on social media for updates.

– When your current hardware starts to wear down: At some point, every PC goes through a process known as “degradation.” This means that over time, components inside your machine start to fail more frequently and at greater rates. By upgrading your PC when this happens, you can extend the life of your machine and ensure that you have the best possible experience.

How to choose the right PC upgrade for you

Before you buy anything, there are some things you should know. Here’s how to choose the right PC upgrade for you:

  1. Know your needs. Do you need a new PC or laptop? What type of computer do you use most? Are you an online gamer or do you need a more powerful machine for work? All these questions will help you figure out what type of upgrade is best for you.
  2. Think about your budget. PC upgrades can be expensive, but there are lots of affordable options as well. Make sure to consider your overall spending limit and what kind of features are important to you
  3. Consider what devices you already own. Are all your devices compatible? If not, which ones are? Does your current device have the specs you need? Does upgrading require buying new hardware (like a new processor or graphics card)? These are all important questions to ask before making a purchase.
  4. Know your warranty. Do you need a new PC or laptop with a specific processor or graphics card? If you’re buying a pre-owned device, be sure to ask about the warranty and whether it’s transferable.
  5. Think about your lifestyle. Do you travel often? Do you work in an especially noisy environment? All of these factors could impact your decision about whether upgrading is really necessary.

When to upgrade your graphics card

Graphics cards are one of the most popular components that people upgrade on their PCs and for good reason. They’re important for performance, and whether you’re a gamer or just need a graphics boost for work, upgrading your GPU is a great decision.

When to Upgrade

If you’re gaming or using demanding applications frequently, you should consider upgrading your graphics card as soon as possible. This is especially true if you’re playing games at high resolutions (4K, for example) or are running multiple applications in parallel.

On the other hand, if you don’t game or use demanding applications often and your graphics card is performing well enough for your needs, there’s no need to upgrade right away. Your graphics card might still be able to handle future games and applications depending on its capabilities. Just keep in mind that new graphics cards can offer greater performance than older ones, so it’s always worth considering an upgrade when the time comes.

When to upgrade your RAM

Some general guidelines to follow include upgrading when your computer starts to experience performance issues, when you start noticing errors or crashes more frequently, or when you upgrade your graphics card. Additionally, keep in mind that older (and less expensive) RAM modules may not offer the same level of performance as newer and more expensive models. So, if you’re not sure whether or when to upgrade your RAM, it’s always a good idea to speak with a qualified technician.


With the holidays coming up, now is the time to upgrade your PC. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll be able to save a ton of money on new hardware by upgrading early. Not only will you be getting the best deals, but you’ll also be taking advantage of the manufacturer’s holiday sales which tend to run longer than usual. Get yourself a new graphics card, processor, or motherboard — whatever it takes to make your computer faster and smoother!