We Will See Tony Romo On The Field If Prescott Losses To Steelers


Team owner Jerry Jones really likes Tony Romo. He believes he is one of the greatest quarterbacks that ever played and he wants to win a Super Bowl with him under the center. The only problem in this story is that Dak Prescott is the one that has put the Cowboys in a position to even think about making a run at the ultimate prize.

To Jones, that doesn’t matter. With the latest statement of how he would regret if Dallas wins a Super Bowl with Romo on the sidelines, it almost pretty clear that Romo will be on the field once he is cleared. That might happen rather sooner than later, and the game against Steelers might be the one after which we will see changes.

The only thing that Jones now needs is a valid reason to put Romo back into the lineup. Despite the fact that Dak Prescott has won seven straight for this team, Jones won’t let him be on the position of quarterback for the rest of the season. As soon as he loses, he will be back on the bench watching someone else take his job for no good reason.


If Prescott losses to the Steelers, Tony Romo will play in Week 10. With that Jones statement, there is no doubt what will happen if Dallas drops it’s first game since Week 1 this coming Sunday. Hopefully, Jerry Jones knows what he is doing. We are not exactly sure that he does.