Weird Driving Laws From All Around The World

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Driving a car feels like freedom. Your four wheels can take you to any place you want. However, you should be careful while driving abroad since the local rules might drastically differ from what you are used to in your home country.

If you are planning to travel by your car or rent a motorhome from one of the services like Oaktree Motorhomes soon, get familiar with weird driving laws from all around the world:

Wash your car in Russia

Even some experienced drivers will be anxious to drive in Russia due to the following factors: police corruption, unregulated traffic, and bought drivers licenses.

As you can understand, bribes can help you get out of any situation on the road (in most cities). Traffic police officers and all the drivers got used to these Russian road rules.

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As a foreigner driver, you should also know that it is not allowed to drive a dirty car in Russia. You might think that the local authorities care so much about the general view of the city. The truth is different- driving a dirty car is illegal because of unreadable number plates; the formulation of the rule is pretty misleading. In fact, you can get a fine for having a dirty number plate in most countries of the world. However, only in Russia, they say, “Wash your car before you drive off.”

Wear a T-shirt in Thailand

During the summer months in Thailand, the temperature can reach 40 degrees. This weather can be perfect for tourists who have a one-week vacation. Meanwhile, the locals are struggling with the summer heat. Despite harsh weather conditions, the drivers are not allowed to drive their cars and motorcycles without a shirt on in Thailand. It might be ok to drive shirtless on the island like Phuket since the police officers understand that tourists don’t know about this rule. However, you shouldn’t expect this mercy from the police in Bangkok. You will have to pay up to $150 for violation of this policy.

Also, it is not allowed to be without underwear while driving in Thailand. Apparently, the local authorities had a good enough reason for establishing this rule. Quite probably, after seeing something really inappropriate, one police officer once said ‘this needs to stop.’

Take this bathrobe off in California

It is not difficult to understand these weird rules for drivers in Thailand. Indeed, it might be distracting to see someone without a shirt or underwear in the traffic jam.

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However, how can you explain the rule that doesn’t allow the bathrobe while driving in California? An interesting fact is that this rule applies only to women. At the moment, there is no official explanation attached to this law.

No noise in Switzerland

Switzerland is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. Needless to say, there are a lot of unusual regulations that help maintain order in the cities. For instance, it is not allowed to urinate standing up and flush the toilet after 10 pm. Apparently, the toilet noise can disturb someone’s sleep, so the Swiss try to avoid it.

Also, there are a lot of things that locals can’t do on Sundays – they can’t cut grass, hang out their laundry, and wash their cars.

That’s right, people in Switzerland believe that washing your car can be too noisy. Everything should be perfect in the world’s happiest country, so don’t you dare to ruin perfect Swiss Sunday with a sponge and water hose.

Don’t ride with a drunk driver in Japan

Drunk driving is illegal in all countries of the world. Drinking alcohol can affect physical reaction time, judgment, and depth perception. According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one person is injured because of a drunk driving crash every two minutes.

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In Japan, passengers can get a fine in case they travel in the car with a drunk driver. This rule is pretty strict in the land of the rising sun.

Don’t tie your dog to the roof in Alaska

There are a lot of rules when it comes to driving with pets. For instance, it is illegal to drive with the dog sitting on your lap in the U.K.

The police officers in Anchorage, Alaska went further and banned tying dogs to the roof of a car. Most probably, the locals had a few incidents in the past. However, it is still difficult to imagine that dog owners would do something like that to their four-legged friends.

Watch out for sleeping kids in Denmark

It is necessary to check your car before you drive off. Every driver should check the lights, the back seat, tires, and the fluids.

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In Denmark, drivers also need to check for sleeping children under their cars every single time. If the police officer sees you ignoring this rule, you will have to pay a heavy fine.

The bottom line

Traveling in your car, motorhome or motorcycle all around the world is a lot of fun. However, you should check the local driving rules. In some countries, you are not allowed to drive without a shirt; in others, you can get a fine for washing your car on Sundays. Some rules are quite weird but don’t let them destroy your vacation. Awareness is the key, especially when you are far away from home.

Have a great vacation, and don’t forget to take your bathrobe off before you start driving in California!