Were Cowboys Looking At Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M Pro Day?

It might not seem that way, but putting Johnny Manziel and Dallas Cowboys in the same sentence makes a serious conversation. Back in 2014 it ‘Johnny to Dallas,’ almost became a reality. Of course, today we are talking about a different Manziel and a whole new Cowboys team.

But, rewind the film a few years back, and you get a Jerry Jones who wanted Johnny Football as a starting QB in Dallas. Luckily for America’s Team, they picked differently in the first round that year and got an All-Pro guard Zack Martin. The things from the past should rest there where they belong, but in this case, it’s not that easy.

Like you already know Johnny was drafted by Cleveland Browns, and from there he took his career downstream. After two years he was out of the league, and it looked like he won’t get a chance at redemption. It indeed seemed that way back then. But now, Johnny Manizel looks like an entirely different person, and a player. What we can say about his case is that he was always a good quarterback, but not so much a professional football player. After his NFL career ended, he decided to change his way of life. Manziel was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, so he quit drinking and partying and started taking medications. A few months ago he started what he calls a ‘comeback season.’

Uphill battle but imma stay the course..

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Unbelievably he’s on a right path. We’re not sure that any team will sign him, but he’s closer to that than ever before. He already threw passes to receivers at University of San Diego’s Pro Day, and at Texas A&M’s Pro Day. All 32 NFL teams were watching from the stands. This means that Dallas Cowboys were there.

Interestingly America’s Team could use some QB depth. Dak Prescott is their starting quarterback. He showed promise in his rookie season, but he also underperformed in his second year. Big D franchise put their faith on Prescott to be their QB of the future, but things might not turn out like that. Behind him, The Boys have Cooper Rush, who is a UDFA. Yes, he showed some potential during last years preseason, but he’s still on the No2 QB level. Without real competition, without someone hungry to breathe behind Prescott’s neck, he might never reach the required quality to lead them to Super Bowl.

The way things look right now, you won’t find hungrier QB than Manziel on the market. Cowboys should sign him to throw the ball for them during camp and preseason at least only to show Prescott that he’s not untouchable. Johnny Football might not be their short nor long-term solution, but he could create that competitive spirit that would bring out the best from Dak.

Or, is there a chance that Manziel could push Dak out of starting lineup? Wouldn’t that be a story for ages?