What Are Some of The Best Online Casino Games


When speaking about the thrill of adventure, adrenalin, potential money without any effort whatsoever, and only luck in your pocket, online casino games are just the right choice. The tastes can vary from one person to another, about the favorite casino game to play, but the feeling of success in the air is the same everywhere. Casino games have been known to get under our skin quickly and stay there indefinitely. Here are some of the best online choices of casino games you can play.


We start our list of suggestions with Playboy Gold Slot. Catching to the eye, this upgrade of the previous Playboy game made by Microgaming implements the attractive element that only playboy girls bring to the table. Notice that the Playboy Gold Slot offers bonus features which were not present in the previous version. The game pries itself that has seven options of bonuses, in which large icons destroy the reels, pouring the cash prizes on the table, with the inclusion of sticky wilds, wild re-spins, and multipliers also.

The second on our list is Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker. The most attractive fact that you are playing against the dealer in the old school version of the Texas Hold’em, and Bonus Bet payout reaching up to 1,000:1 just makes you play instantly. Like a typical Vegas high-roller but note, there is no chance of following the card flow, the feeling gets even better and better. This is one of the hottest online games online along with acec2010.info at the moment. The game offers progressive jackpot beginning with the figure of 50,000 even.


Starburst has made our list as you may have expected. The casino game that has a recognizable cosmic themed available slot is by all considered to be uniquely simple to understand and play. This is probably the main reason why people tend to be repeated visitors the casino game at hand. The Starburst offers only a modest seven-digit jackpot possible to win, ten pay-lines and five reels from which fourth, third, and the second reel activate the bonus option when landing on it. This is one of the most popular online casino games around if not the ultimate winner on the number one place of all time.

Jumanji allows you to play the online casino game starting 0,01 when the smallest pay-lines are activated and can then go up to 100for one round. People from Sony and NetEnt are responsible for the creation of such an addictive full of an adventures game. Players can opt for various combinations for the wining with the game allowing 36 pay-lines and 5 reels to boost your chances.


The last one on our list is The Book of Ra Deluxe. Present on the market for a long time now, this new version of the previous well-known successful online casino game is a must. Indiana Jones dominates the theme along with ancient Egypt, two things anyone can’t get enough. Apart from the fact this is one of the favorite online casino games that has been present since 2008, it still offers ten pay-lines and five reels for players. Besides the high place on the charts consistently, it is attractive because of its return to player rate, going over 94% according to the experts from this field.