What Are The Chances of Cowboys Signing Malcolm Butler?

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One thing that became clear after Super Bowl is that Malcolm Butler is going to be released by New England Patriots. If Dallas Cowboys want to build a competitive roster for the upcoming season, they need to look at quality free agents who will be available in the next few months.

Butler was an SB hero for Patriots a few years back, but this year there was no place for him in their secondary for the final match of the season. The reasons why Bill Belichick decided not to play Butler are still unclear. According to rumors he missed a curfew during Super Bowl week, had issues both personal and with illegal substances, and eventually had a meltdown with coaches. Butler denies these accusations, stating that he did none of the above and that he only spent time with his family. All in all, he’s good as gone from New England.

Also, there are few players on Patriots roster that are in for an extension, so they will have to be careful with their funds in 2018. Regardless of his Super Bowl snub, the chances are that he would be released anyway.

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After Butler picked Russell Wilson’s pass at the goal line in Super Bowl XLIX in the final moments of the game, you would believe that his future as a Patriot was cemented. But it wasn’t like that. He wanted an extension and salary rise, which Patriots didn’t offer him. Last year they signed Stephon Gilmore to a five-year $65 million contract which didn’t bode well with Butler.

Now that we know that he will be available in free agency should Cowboys pursue him? Yes, he will be a free agent, but not a cheap one. One thing that needs to be taken into the equation is that 2018 Draft will be full of good cornerbacks, so this might lower Butler’s value. If we take into account Cowboys dealings in free agency in past years, they will probably pass on Butler.

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Also, Dallas squad have few players of their own they need to resign. Martin, Lawrence, and Irving are all essential parts of the team, and their contracts need to be extended. Also, the question of Dez Bryant is up in the air, and Cowboys salary cap will mostly depend on what America’s Team do with star WR.

So, with all of above written, the chances are slim for Dallas Cowboys to sign him. They have a pressing need at safety, so if they go for a player outside of the draft, they will go for Earl Thomas. The only way Cowboys will sign Butler if he agrees to a one-year team friendly contract. With more than few NFL teams having needs at CB, Butler will probably sign a multi-year deal somewhere else.