Exclusive Rampage Photo with Dwayne Johnson Leaked

Source: www.gamesradar.com

The winter is slowly falling behind, and we cannot wait for the summer to come because that means a lot of blockbuster releases. One of the movies that will go out in 2018 is arcade game adaptation Rampage, and it is expected to be one of the biggest creations of the year.

The lead role belongs to Dwayne Johnson who will do everything to save the city from three genetically-mutated monsters that destroy tower blocks – if you played the game, you are familiar with the plot. The photos started to leak, and there is one you can see here and, oh boy, does Dwayne Johnson look small in this pic!

The caged-up Rock does indeed look tiny, but it appears that in the entire Rampage, Johnson will not be the big guy. Director of the film, Brad Peyton took a different approach, and he said: “The thing that was very different [to previous collaboration San Andreas] was, no one’s ever made Dwayne look small before. And in shooting this, it was kind of exciting, but very strange.”

Source: www.gamesradar.com

Johnson will play the character called Davis Okoye, and he will try to handle a modified gorilla, wolf and crocodile and since these are massive beasts, the standard rules for shooting an action superstar had to be abandoned.

“Every major scene with a creature, I had to shoot Dwayne looking tiny,” says Peyton. “The camera would sometimes be three stories up, looking down at Dwayne. Because the creatures are so large, and you’re balancing out the scale a lot.”

The Rampage debut on April 13 and as we are getting closer to the premiere, we will get more details about the film, so stay tuned.