What Does A Fitbit Do?


Fitbit has been notable for its top-quality wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. Most people look forward to the release of Fitbit’s new products, as the benefits they can enjoy are various.

So, what does a Fitbit do and why do so many people have one? Amazing quality and incredible functions are just one of the reasons why many fitness enthusiasts purchase Fitbit.

Are you ready to find out what features are available from Fitbit?

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What Is A Fitbit?

Fitbit is a fitness device that keeps tabs on a range of physical activities, your heart rate, and your sleep, as well as steps and calories.

Fitbit data tracking enables you to understand more about your daily activity and body and helps you improve habits and achieve your fitness goals.

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What Are Fitbit’s Top Features?


Track your GPS route with Fitbit.

Many Fitbit products have GPS, and while built-in GPS is not available for some, you can still connect your Fitbit to your phone and use GPS data. Onboard GPS can capture real-time data even when your phone is left at home.


Phone notifications

Notifications on Fitbit Surge.

Another well-known feature of Fitbit is the alert notifications. Most Fitbit fitness trackers can display calls, text message, and even calendar, which keep you informed about the current situation.

With certain smartwatch models, you can respond to your messages and accept or decline calls. It means Fitbit can keep you connected even when you are jogging or walking.

Control music playing

One of Fitbit highlight features is the ability to download and listen to music on it. This is definitely a plus, as it encourages fitness enthusiasts to stay fit with good music while being phone-free.

Supported Devices

Fitbit products are compatible with Apple, Android and Windows 10. Compatibility means your tracker can receive a call, text message, calendar, and other notifications after being connected with your phone.

Battery Life


Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches have great battery performance so you can use it without worry. Charging is easy, and you only need to do it again after a few days.

When your fitness tracker runs out of battery, a reminder will be shown so you can charge your smartwatch without having it turned off out of the blue.


Some Fitbit products offer on-screen coaching which assists and gives you a feel as if you are working out with a personal coach. This facility helps you get in shape easily and achieve your fitness goals.

Sharing Information

Fitbit trackers can be paired with other apps to share your health and exercise information so that you know what your current status is and how you are proceeding towards your fitness goals.

You may wonder how Fitbit achieves these various functions? Let us guide you through some frequently-asked questions about Fitbit.

How Does Fitbit Work?


Fitbit has an accelerometer to detect your movements, and by using complex algorithms and calculations, a Fitbit can also calculate how far you’ve run, how many steps are taken, and the number of stairs you’ve climbed.

Is Fitbit Accurate?

The data Fitbit recorded on your workout from heart rate sensors, and algorithms are all estimates. The accuracy has been steadily improving over the years, but since it just tracks it through your skin, Fitbit can’t give you a 100% accurate reading.

Is Fitbit Waterproof?


All the models of Fitbit are water-resistant, which are classified as rain-proof and slash-proof. You can even go for a swim if your Fitbit model is swim-proof.

How Does Fitbit Track Calories?

Fitbit asks for your basic information like age, height, and weight when you first set up the watch. Adding with the data tracked from the device, it calculates an estimation of how many calories you have burned.

Maintain your habits with Fitbit.

Let Fitbit help you live better! Fitbit trackers can support you with achieving your fitness goals and desired body shape.

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