Scroll Saw maintenance Tips and Tricks

The scroll saw is a priceless piece of tool for any woodworker who wants to ensure perfection in every single project. It makes the process a few times easier and smoother.

This type of saw offers versatility in cutting perfectly and precisely irrespective of whatever the material it is. And of course to derive the best performance out of your scroll saw, you must take good care of it. The manual that comes with the product contains a few important maintenance tips.

They must be obeyed for the longevity of the product. Here is few more scroll saw maintenance tips and tricks that will enhance your enjoyment of scroll sawing a few times more. Even you can have a look on Tools Freak.

  1. Ensure sufficient light

Adequate lighting is perhaps the most important consideration to achieve a precise cut. If there is any lighting issue, you may face perception difficulty, especially where the black blade and black line merge. You can solve this problem by purchasing a light that allows mounting onto the scroll saw.

  1. Inspect blades before each use

To achieve proper cut each time, check whether your blades are sharp and properly secured or not. If your blades are dull or bent, it will result in uneven cuts. If you need to store your blades for a long time, make sure to spray them with a light coat of oil to prevent rusting.

  1. Maintain proper blade tension always

Blade tension is another important consideration to get clean cut every time. If blade tension gets much or less than standard measurement, it tends to break easily. The blade should not bend more than 1/8” from side to side. If the measurement gets higher, the blade will break and if the measurement gets lesser the blade will wander.

  1. Prevent Vibrating

Excessive vibration is one of the common issues with scroll sawing. If the saw is maintained properly, it should not produce excessive vibration. If your machine is vibrating, first check the setup. To hold it firmly in place, mount it on a heavy stand or screw down to a bench. If it still vibrates, it indicates your machine requires servicing.

  1. Wax table top regularly

To wax your tabletop, pick a good, furniture grade paste wax. If you need to deal with sharp metal edges, sand it with a fresh emery cloth. By doing so, you will be able to rotate the wood through tight corners smoothly. This will also safeguard your table surface. Waxing once or twice in a year should be sufficient.

  1. Maintain proper scrolling position

You can operate a scroll saw either sitting or standing. If you are a beginner at scroll sawing, the standing position would be more convenient. And if you are a professional, you can choose the sitting position. And to sit comfortably, pick a swivel chair. It will prove beneficial to protect your muscles and joints.

  1. Follow drill pressing technique

While drilling a hole through a thin piece of wood, place a scrap piece to prevent splitting. And when you are drilling through a thick piece of wood, stop drilling just when it breaks through the bottom surface and turn over and then complete the process to achieve the perfect result.
  1. Check the teeth before each use

Before each project, don’t forget to check the direction of the teeth. They must be directed toward the front side of the saw and pointing down. Or else you won’t be able to cut the wood, and the wood might get ruined.

Actually, scroll sawing is something about passion. The more you will practice with patience, the more expertise you will be able to achieve. Hope these scroll saw maintenance tips and tricks will help you to derive self-satisfaction to the fullest as well as the durability of the product.