Dart Game Guide For Beginners


It is natural that all of us want to unwind from our stressful world. Well, if you love sports, then you can try the dart game as one of your habits to relax. If you are a beginner, this article will guide you about the game.

According to history, the dart game was inspired with archery. It is also known as the ‘arrows.’

The Dartboard


The dartboard is composed of three primary areas namely: the single, the double ring and the triple ring.

Single area – it is the green bull’s eye stage.

Double area – it is located on the board’s outermost edge. If the arrow landed on this area, you could get double points.

Triple area – it is the thin inside ring. You can get triple points if you hit this area.

From the outside of the dartboard, the ring is arranged in:

  • Double ring area
  • Single area
  • Triple ring area
  • Single area
  • Green bull’s eye area
  • Red bull’s eye area

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A technique to Hit Bullseye:

Being an expert on dart game requires great practice. With that, you must learn how to hit the bull’s eye. The following ideas will help you to be a master in a dart game.


Grip techniques

Your grip must aim that the end of the dart will hit on the throwing stage. It is essential to be firm and stable, so you must stay relax and avoid putting tension on your fingers’ muscles. The tension your muscle is, the grip will also be tensed which can lead to undesirable results.

You can use at last three fingers for your grip. Thus, it can give more control and regulation of the dart speed. The fingers must also have the best coordination for easy release.

Throw and stance

You must use the ‘right foot forward’ stance. You can set your eye, the dart and your target on the line. As you throw the dart, your arm movement must be in a plane with 2 dimensions. It helps to reduce errors through removing sideways movement of your arms.


You must maintain balance to produce the best game. You must always keep your feet on the ground. Lifting your leg is not recommended in a dart game.

Dart Game Types:

Dart games have different types, so you can choose the one that interests you the most. For Buying a dartboard, it will be great to look at Peak Picker.

  • Cricket

This dart game is a chart that is set up of number 15 to 20, wherein the bull’s eye is set up for the cricket. The primary goal of the game is to ‘close’ the numbers 15 to 20 as well as the bull’s eye. Therefore, you must hit the numbers three times each. You can also hit a triple, single, double or alternately.

  • Shanghai

Using a two-dart splash, you will know who will go first in the Shanghai game. The two darts will be thrown at the same time. The one that gets the highest score will come first. Four or more players can play this dart game.

  • 301, 501, 801

In this game, you can start in 301 points to 501, 801 and more. Your goal in this game is to get to zero points as fast as you can. You need to hit double to start making points.