What Does Vince McMahon Think About Nia Jax?

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One of the most dominant figures in the WWE today is Nia Jax. This girl has that intimidating look in the Women’s division on Monday Night Raw, and she has a bright future ahead of her if she keeps improving both in the ring and on the mic. There is no doubt that WWE is going to push her in the future. When that happens, Nia needs to make the most out of the chance that she is given.

There have been a lot of dominant heels and monster villains in the WWE throughout company’s history, but there has never really been a dominant woman on the roster that is just bigger and stronger than everyone else. She has the potential to be that dominant face of the division for a very long time.

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She talked about Vince McMahon and what she thinks of him. Jax, like everybody else, respects the boss and always wants to do whatever it takes to please him and follow his lead. Nia also mentioned that she had the courage to walk up to him, talk to him and ask him what she needs to do to get better and to be successful.

“I walked in and thanked him for the opportunity he’s given me so far and wanted to know what he wants me to do in this division. He said, ‘You’re like the Andre the Giant of the females. It’s going to take a lot of these girls to get you down. You’re a killer, you’re strong.’ He basically just told me that they need to work to get you down and you need to protect yourself in that way.”