Tesla Model Y SUV Arrives in 2019

Tesla Model 3 signifies the beginning of a new era of affordable electric vehicles, but the company is just getting started with this model. After that, we expect to see a small crossover Model Y which is going to arrive in 2019. This will significantly expand the lineup of the carmaker, and it is an important piece in Tesla’s “Master Plan.”

With the Model Y, they will enter a crowded marketplace. We should see Tesla becoming a true volume vehicle manufacturer in near future and Model 3, together with the Model Y, marks the first step. Details about the new vehicle are unknown at the moment, but Elon Musk has always revealed a lot more about the company plans, than any other CEO. He is already talking about the Model Y, and an official teaser photo was released earlier this year.

Source: electrek.com

If Tesla decides to adopt a “Russian doll” approach to the design of the new car, we will see the Model X in a smaller package. Even the falcon-wing doors might be included, but on the other hand, Tesla may take some details from the Model 3 as well. Without a doubt, the Model Y will sit below the Model X, but the company markets the car like the Model 3 crossover, which makes more sense. According to Elon Musk, Tesla will use the same underpinnings for their smaller sedan and SUV models. This move is significant because the Model Y will hit the market earlier than anyone could have expected.

Based on this, we could guess that the drivetrains will be the same in the two models. The carmaker has yet to confirm the battery pack sizes for the 220-mile Standard and 310-mile Long Range editions of the Model 3, but an AWD configuration has been promised.

Source: motor1.com

Tesla also prepares the electric minibus, and according to Musk’s tweets, the new “high passenger density urban transport” is on the drawing board. It is also said that the new minibus will be “built on a Model X chassis” and that “people density potential is surprisingly high.”

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