Monkey Business – In This Bar You are Served By Monkey Waiters


When you come to the Kayabukiya Tavern, it appears to be just like any other “sake-house” restaurant in Japan. However, there are no human waiters who work here. Now, since this in Japan, you might believe that robots serve the people, but the waiters are actually monkeys. That is the reason why this restaurant became one of the most famous in the world and tourist all over Japan, and other countries visit this place.

The monkeys work as employees, and they have been here for 29 years. The most famous monkey is Fuku-chan, but the only tips she accepts are soy beans. Their boss and the owner of the restaurant Kaoru Otsuka treats his workers respectfully, but instead of money, their wages are bananas. Some of the monkeys would even pose with you to take a picture to earn their salaries. Otsuka believes that his monkeys are his family and the restaurant is considered to be a family business.


Otsuka said: “They are closer than my family. I hold them, all day and sleep with them. Once I started taking care of them I couldn’t let go. They are just way too cute.” However, the veteran waitress, Fuku-chan is prone to mistakes, and she was caught spilling a bowl full of peas as she ran to a table. Despite that, the monkeys are still tremendous waiters, and Otsuka’s business is booming thanks to them.

Would you come to Japan to visit this unique restaurant and be served by monkeys? I would love to check this place out, but for those who don’t plan to go, here is the video below and you can see the true meaning of monkey business.